How to Build a Gate

Although you can hire a carpenter, the fact is that anyone can build a gate. What is needed are the right materials and some basic knowledge about sawing and drilling. No advanced knowledge is necessary.

Required Tools and Materials

A drill tip
Deck screws (3 inch and 1 and ½ inch types)
Pretreated lumber (8 ft, 2 x 4)
Pretreated lumber (6 ft, 1 x 6)
Measuring tape

Create a Blueprint

The drawing doesn’t have to be overly detailed. It just needs to feature all the elements you want. Experienced carpenters do not need this. But if this is your first time, a guide will be necessary.

Cutting and Laying Down the Wood

Begin to build a gate by sawing a couple of 2 x 4s. Make each one 36 inches long. This will serve as the bottom and topmost part of the structure. Cut another lumber piece measuring 70 inches.

Put the pieces down and arrange them properly. Take the 70 inch wood and align diagonally. That is from the left (bottom) to top (upper right). Use the saw to cut and make it fit the top and bottom wood beams. You will end up with something like the letter “Z”.

Next, take the 1 x 6. Use a pencil or marker to highlight a spot 6 inches from the top. Put a line on the 1 x 6 where the 2 x 4 will appear on the structure as you build a gate. Repeat the process for the 1 x 6 for the bottom section.

Putting the Pieces in Place

Use the 1 and ½ inch deck screws to join the 1 x 6 and 2 x 4s. Set the crossbar in the right spot. Apply the screws to tighten everything. You should utilize the 3 inch deck screws to secure the 2 x 4s in place. Finally, countersink all the screws. This is to ensure that everything is in place.


Buy paint that has no lead content. This is for health safety reasons. Nevertheless, you should wear a mask. Some people are very sensitive to the smell. If someone in your household has lung problems, make sure they are far away when you paint.

Maintenance and Tips

After you build a gate, check it often especially if it needs repairs. Sometimes the screws will get loose or get unhinged. This is especially true if there has been a storm. Even if it remains in place, a few screws might have gotten loose. Double check everything.

Some prefer to use metal instead of wood. You may do so. Just be sure you get high quality types. Cheap materials won’t be able to withstand weather fluctuations. Also bear in mind that the sizes used here are for the average size. If you need larger types, you should saw larger pieces. If you want to add other features like alarms, check the manual in your alarm kit for instructions.

There is nothing particularly difficult when you build a gate. It involves a lot of planning. But once the plan and tools are prepared, everything will proceed smoothly.

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