How to Build a Dog Box for a Truck

If you bring your pet with you on travels, it would be a good idea to build a dog box for a truck. Fortunately, making one is no harder than assembling a dog house.

Required Tools and Materials

Nails, bolts and screws
Welding tool
Tape measure
Building material

Select the Material

There are many types you can choose from. Aluminum is a light but strong material. Others prefer working with wood. If you will choose wood, get the weather resistant types. There are also metal and plastics. If you choose the latter pick one laden with vinyl.

Take the Proper Measurement

Use the tape measure to get the right size. Don’t make it an exact fit for the dog. To build a dog box for a truck effectively, always account for the animal’s well being. Make sure that there is enough space for the animal to feel comfortable. There needs to be ventilation. Rain or intense heat should be accounted for too.

Cutting the Pieces

The box itself will be made of only a few parts. They are the door, the four walls and the cover. Again use the tape measure to get the proportions right. Use a saw to cut each piece. Be sure everything is cut according to your measurements.

Next, use a driller to make several holes in the walls. Make holes every few inches on all walls. Do not drill any openings on the top when you build a dog box for a truck. This is to prevent rainfall from dripping in. Sand all the holes. This will eliminate any sharp corners.

Create the Door

Estimate the dog’s height when making the door. Allow for a couple of inches of allowance. Saw appropriate sections in the walls so the door will fit. For the door itself you can cut from the material you have. Or you can use any latch you think is fit.

Assembling the Box

There are several ways you can assemble the box. You can nail them together. You can also use bolts. Some prefer to weld all parts together. Any of these methods will do fine. Just remember when you build a dog box for a truck to secure the door tightly. If it opens too easy, the animal might slide out especially if the ride is rough.

Connect the Box to the Truck Bed

Put the container on the truck bed. Link it using latches. Four latches will be sufficient. Or weld them to keep it from being detached.


Put a rug or soft cloth for the dog to lie in. This will make them feel more comfortable. Also, don’t forget to insulate the box.

Always test it first. Take it out for a test drive. See if the container can withstand rough surfaces and roads. Do not try this with your dog inside. Remember that to build a dog box for a truck well, the stability of the container is vital. When it is, you can now take your pet with you.

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