How to Build a Deck

You might be surprised at how straightforward the process is to build a deck. The secret to making one is having the right plans and of course, willing to work patiently.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood boards
Metal clamps
Measuring tape
Paint or stain
Joist hangers
Cardboard forms
Pencils and paper
Mixed concrete

Make the Layout

Start by making measurements. Determine how large you want it to be. Use the measuring tape to check for available space. Make a sketch of the basic structure layout. Let this serve you as a guide when you start the actual construction. Have someone draw it for you if you aren’t good at it.

Creating the Ledger Board

You will begin to build a deck with the ledger board. This actually starts from a point outside the house like a sliding door. Place it down by 2 or 3”. Put on another inch or so. This will make up the topmost part of the ledger. Now set a mark at the bottom part of the board. This designates the topmost posts.

Creating the Posts

After determining the required number, you can start to construct them. Use a digger or shovel to remove the dirt. Use your spade too. When you have dug a deep enough hole, insert the cardboards. They need to be just a few inches deep from the surface. Dig a few feet deeper if your area is prone to snow or winter storms.

Pour in the concrete. To build a deck with a solid foundation, let it dry. After it hardens apply the metal clamps. Cut the boards according to the designated size. Put them in one by one. Make certain each is aligned correctly. Use the screws and bolts. Make sure there are several inches distance between each. Add some support beams for more strength.

Adding the Decking Board

First set in the joist hangers. Set them face up and level to the supports. Put the board on top of the posts. Utilize the screws to fasten each one. Use as many bolts as needed. Make sure each one is secured tightly. Add some handrails for more security and protection.


There are lots of wood materials you can use to build a deck. You can make inquiries in the stores. They’ll know which types are best for the kind you want to make.

Always double check your measurements. One miscalculation could ruin the entire project. So make sure that they are correct.

For shiny wood, use staining rather than paint. Apply a couple of layers. If you are going to put paint, make it a natural color. It should look natural and complement the appearance of wood.

Don’t hesitate to consult experts. Even if the process is straightforward, they may know better options for building according to your house specifications.

Just remember that when you build a deck, perseverance is essential. Anyway, all the effort will be worth it when you finally get to sit back and admire your handiwork.

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