How to Build a Deck Chair

To learn how to build a deck chair having the right equipment is necessary. After that it is simply a matter of following these instructions.

Needed Equipment and Tools

Hardwood (birch or maple, 8 ft)
Carriage bolts
Nuts (4 pieces)
Screws (10 pieces, wood type)
Slip washers (4)
Lock Washers (4)
Saw or any device for cutting wood

Cutting the Wood

The first thing you must do is cut the wood. Use the saw to make the following pieces. Cut two measuring 22 inches. Slice two more, measuring 36 inches long. The third two piece set will be 13 and ½ inches long. Those who know how to build a deck chair will also cut a wood measuring 18 inches.

Next saw two pieces (24 inches) and two more measuring 15 inches in length. You can put color markers on each to avoid confusion.

For the 22, 15 and 18 in wood sticks make notches 3 to 7 in. If necessary smooth the rough spots. For the 24 in wood, put in check mark grooves.

Drill openings in the 36, 15 and 18 in wood. The holes need to be in the middle parts. Connect using screws and bolts. It is best if you have several screws, nuts and bolts of different sizes. The next stage to learning how to build a deck chair will be putting them together.

Assembling the Pieces

Take the 22 in wood and put it through the fabric seat. The round part should be facing the top. The 15 in wood is placed at the bottom part. Its round part will be facing the bottom.

Get the other 15 in and 24 in wood. Make holes and screw the pieces to make a rectangular shape. The holes need to be 1 and a half inches deep and above the notches. Countersink if needed.

The 22 in and 36 in must be joined together. Since the fabric is already in place, be careful that it doesn’t get damaged.

You are almost finished learning how to build a deck chair. Use the driller to make holes in the 22 in wood. Finally take the 13 and 18 in woods. Make a hole in the 18 in wood and fasten them.

Tips on Putting in the Fabric

Stitch the fabric along the edges before you wrap it. Fold about ¾ inches and fold another quarter of an inch. You can use a sewing machine if you are having trouble getting it to fit.

The type of fabric to use is up to you. There are many different variants available. Some prefer denim while others cotton. Just pick the one you are most comfortable with. You can add some paint if you like. If the wood is shiny, staining is a better option.

In truth the process of understanding how to build a deck chair is more complex than it is. Once you have tried it, the procedure is not that hard.

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