How to Build a Deer Feeder

Whether you want to draw them for game or food, you need to build a deer feeder to keep the animals in good condition. It isn’t hard to do and you can make one even by yourself.

Required Tools and Materials

Power saw
Zip ties
Bucket (5 gallons)
PVC pipe (3 inches in diameter)
Measuring tape
Marker (the permanent type)

Choosing and Preparing the Site

The location should be on even ground. You need to clear it of any dirt. Put the bucket there. Next use the marker to note a spot about 8 inches from the bottom. This distance will be the height of the tube. This is the ideal measurement to build a deer feeder. It keeps other creatures at bay. At the same it gives the deer plenty of room.

Shaping the Bucket

Use the saw to cut at the 8 inch height. Drill six evenly spaced holes below the bucket. This will act as the drainage system. Be sure that the bucket is strong so it can withstand the drilling and sawing.

Put the Pipe in Place

Get the PVC pipe. Saw two holes at the bottom. Make the holes on both ends. It has to be 3 inches in diameter and not wider than an inch. This will allow food to be distributed properly when you build a deer feeder.

Set the pipe with the slit downwards. Use the marker to note where the pipe rests inside the base. Get the knife to make incisions on the base. Take the zip tie and put it through the holes. Pull the tie up to secure the pipe in place.

Choose a Tree

To draw the highest number possible, choose a quiet place. The tree need not be isolated but the place needs to be quiet. Too many animals and people will not attract the creatures.

When you find the right spot, take the zip ties by the tube. Tie and pull them tight as possible. Use the knife to cut off the extra strings. If you don’t, the animals will chew it off.

Finishing Touches

The final steps to build a deer feeder will be adding the food. You can pour in some corn or other grain. Let some fall into the bucket.


Make sure to put in the right foods there. There are commercially available products you can use. It is a good idea to do some research first to make sure you get them the proper feeds.

Don’t do anything to intimidate the creatures. If you do they will no longer come near it. The same is true if you put in spoiled food there. They will remember it and go somewhere else.

Although the tools needed are simple, do make sure that they’re in good shape. A brittle bucket or pipe won’t be able to withstand rainfalls or heat.

Learning to build a deer feeder is not that hard. Only simple tools are needed and with the right food, you will soon find several deer crowding around the structure you made.

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