How to Install a Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is recognized worldwide as one of the nicest, most reliable and inexpensive forms of fencing. By learning how to install a chain link fence, people can actually save a lot of money because the primary material used for this project costs less compared to other materials available. Likewise, looking at the other side of the fence is much easier using this one because people can actually see through this kind of fence.

Materials Needed

Before anyone can actually learn how to install a chain link fence, gathering the important materials for the completion of such job is the main priority. Among them are tape measure, fence stretcher and pliers. To mix concrete, be sure to bring the hoe, shovel and wheelbarrow. For cutting, bring a circular saw with at least a pipe cutter or metal cutting blade. Additionally, this job also needs a wrench, a carpenter’s level and a hole-digger for the posts.


Find the boundaries of the property. Be sure not to go beyond the property line. Mark the ground with stakes for easier installation. Connect each stake with a string. After this, dig holes that will serve as foundation for the posts. Each hole must measure at least 18-inches to 30-inches in depth and 8-inches in width. Set the sides of the holes vertically.

Get a chalk or crayon. Use either one of them to mark the ground line. The height of the posts is also a very important aspect to consider. Each post must be a couple of inches higher than the height of the fence.

Mix some concrete. To do this, combine four parts gravel, two parts sand and a part made up of cement. Add ample amount of water. Be careful not to put too much because this mistake can eventually undermine the quality of concrete. Make it sure that each pole is situated nicely at the middle part of every hole.

Use the carpenter’s level to determine the plumb. The marks of the crayon or chalk must stay at ground level. Slope the concrete away from the post. Let the concrete stand and dry for at least a day.

Set and select the spots where to put the line posts. Use the tape measure to determine the distance from one terminal post to another. Use the same measurement to put spaces in between line posts. Unravel the chain link fabric. Begin installing the fabric from one terminal post. Use a tension bar on the chain link, particularly on the very first row. Fasten and stretch out the fabric before installing them on the posts.

At the terminal posts, install the fittings as well as the rail end bands. Follow them up with the post caps. Set the fabric along the frames. At the gate, install the bolts and hinges to hold the fabric in place. Be sure to tighten them all throughout the entire fence.

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