How to Build a Shed

There are many ways of building a shed. The proceeding example is one of the easiest and most straight forward.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood boards
Tape measure
Metal frames
Gloves and eye goggles (for protection)

Choosing the Right Site

Pick one that receives plenty of sunlight so you can work there anytime. The ground area must be flat. Ideally there should be a concrete pad. If you can’t put concrete in, level the area as much as possible. You need to make sure that the site doesn’t get flooded. Take out any stones, grass and debris before construction.

Start with the Frames

Begin building a shed by assembling the frames. Use the tape measure to get the sizes right. Cut the wood boards. Use the hammer and nails to secure them together. Make all the frames first, including those of the windows and doors. When the frames are finished, stand them upright. Have someone help you when putting the frames in place.

Creating the Walls

Use the tape measure to create the walls. Try to be precise so they fit in the frames without a problem. You can cut one large board for each of the sides. Or you can use several smaller pieces; it is up to you. Again you need to be precise when aligning these boards.

Putting the Door and Windows in Place

The next step in building a shed is the windows and doors. Mark the spot in the walls where the windows and doors must be placed. Use a saw to cut it. You can actually do this prior to putting the walls in place.

Now make the frames for the windows (if you hadn’t already). Use the saw, hammer and nails to shape the windows as needed. You can add glass if you like. Set the windows in place. For the door, make the appropriate measurements.

Cut the wood according to this measurement. Attach two hinges on the upper and lower parts. Use the nail to fasten the hinges. Add the knobs. Swing the door a few times to test it.

Add the Roof

The final step to building a shed is the roof. Cut several wood boards and carry them up to the top. You will need a ladder and someone to help you get the wood boards up there. Put as many nails or screws as needed.

Tips and Warnings

Avoid buying wood that has warps or dent. If you’re going to use electricity, make sure all the wiring is correct. If you don’t know how to do this, hire a qualified electrician.

You should wear protective gear during the whole process. Gloves are necessary to protect your hands from blisters and wounds. People with weak respiratory systems should wear a mask when painting or staining. Goggles can be worn to prevent wood splinters and dust from getting into the eyes.

Building a shed will take time, but it’s worth the effort. From plants to working tools, you can put virtually anything there, freeing up valuable space in the house.

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