How to Build a Dog House

If you want to build a dog house, you can do so without buying expensive equipment. Just get the following materials and follow the instructions as stated.

Necessary Equipment and Tools

Pencil or pen
Several sheets of paper
Hammer (regular size)
Roofing nails
Saw (the circular or table type will be fine)
Tape measure
Shingle utility knife
Several pieces of plywood
Shingles for the roof

Making the Right Measurements

Use the tape measure to establish the correct proportions. Make sure that you give the dog plenty of room. Only when you have the proportions right should you proceed. Use the pencil and paper to note the figures. Having a sketch of the basic design will also be helpful.

Making the Frame

Start to build a dog house by creating the frame. Use a saw to cut the 2 x 4 into four pieces. Each should be 12 and ½ inches long. Set each piece on the side of the short edge. Each frame needs to be over the top of the side edge. This will leave 3 and ½ inches at the bottom.

Now you can attach the frame to the front and back panels of the roofline. The frames should join at the top and dangle some 2 ½ in at the side areas. Take the sides and align the edge with the platform. Both front and back platform must be aligned. As you build a dog house, you need to fasten the side to the platform bottom. Use nails to do this.

Assembling the Other Sections

To cerate the back portions nail the sides to the platform and then into the frame members. Repeat this process at the front end.

You have come to the roof section. First decide if the roof will be flat or slanted. Make sure that the parts are aligned correctly. When you have put them in place, add the shingles.

Tips and Warnings

Work on the project in a clear area. It is also recommended that the dog not be near. If you try to build a dog house, the dog might get in the way. It might also grab some of the tools. When you are finished building, remove any splinters or nails that may have scattered about.

As stated earlier it’s best to have an idea of what the finished product should look like. You can look at the ones being sold in shops to gain inspiration. Or you can make one up on your own. Of course the comfort of your pet should be the priority.

Be creative when you paint. Make sure that it dries completely before letting your pet use it though. Avoid those with lead content too. Painting is optional though. You can just leave it as it is. If the wood is rough, you can sand it.

If you have no experience, trying to build a dog house can be hard at first. But eventually you’ll get the hang of it. Also the joy of seeing your pet reside in there will make all the work worth it.

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