How to Build a Wooden Fence

By building a wooden fence you’ll have privacy and at the same time keep your property safe from intruders. You can also cut back on costs by creating one yourself rather than making a purchase.

Required Tools and Materials

Treated lumber
Fence pieces
Concrete mix

Estimating the Area

The posts and fences you need will depend on the size of your property. Make sure to get an accurate measurement. Take your measurements to the shop. The person in charge will be able to tell you how many you need. You need to be as precise as possible.

Setting up the Posts

Use the saw to cut the wood posts to the desired height and width. When building a wooden fence it’s recommended that you finish cutting all the posts first. Before putting in the posts, add some cement around it. This is necessary so the posts won’t deteriorate over time.

To prevent frosting, excavate a hole 3 ft deep. When the hole is made, insert the post in place. Put some more concrete around the area so it will be fortified. Make certain that the levels and plumb are on even terms. This can be attained by using thick concrete.

Repeat the process for the other posts. In terms of spacing, one post every six feet will be sufficient. Anything more than that could lead to sagging or weakening of the fence.

Note: thick concrete requires 48 hours to harden when building a wooden fence. If you don’t have the time, you can use dirt instead. But make sure that the dirt is packed and very firm. If you’re using cement never use it earlier than 48 hours or whatever is specified in the instructional guide.


Get the 2 x 4s and secure them to the lower part of the posts. To make it easier, follow the shape of the ground. Take a couple more 2 x 4s and connect them to the lower rail. Secure them to the posts.

Putting the Fence On

Prepare the screws and nails. Gather the fence material and start from the ground up. When you are finished setting it up, apply some water resister on it.

Tips and Warnings

Go to the local authorities and tell them you are building a wooden fence. You might need to get special permits. Also, there may be certain safety regulations or standards that must be followed.

Do some price comparisons before you buy. Some shops will sell fences for a lower price if you purchase in bulk. When buying lumber, always check the quality. Never buy wood that is warped.

Take care not to injure yourself during the process. You also need to be patient. Putting the fences in place may be a tedious task. Keep focused on the job. Take breaks if you feel tired.

The time and effort you put in building a wooden fence will pay off. Not only is it cheaper but with the right fortifications, you can make it last for several years.

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