How to Build a Go Cart Frame

Do you have interest in driving and racing? Do you like to enhance your skills in go carts? Are you interested in creating your own go cart? Then master your driving skills and make your own go cart. Below are the guidelines that you can follow to learn how to build a go cart frame.


To start this project, you should get all the important materials such as a gas engine or an electric motor. Aside from the engine, you will need a car battery, braking and steering kits as well as four wheel tires. The other materials that are essential to the creation of the frame are wheel rims, a drill, seat, wooden dowels, metal tubing, steel plank, bolts, saw and screws.


The initial step in the project is to look for a design that you can use as a pattern for the go cart. Use the saw to cut the wooden dowels and metal tubing based on the specifications or measurements stated in the design. Drill holes on the tubing. Use screws, bolts and a welder to attach the tubing.

After creating the main part of the frame, attach the other parts such as braking and steering kits, seat, wheels as well as roll bars. Most go cart frames sit two inches above the ground. When making a frame for the go cart, always remember that the distance of the frame to the ground determines the go cart’s stability.

Common Designs of Go Cart Frames

To have ideas about the common designs as well as styles of go cart frames, look at books and magazines. Most frames are oval or square shapes. When creating the frame, be sure that you allot enough time in planning the design because it is important that the frame is stable as well as sturdy.

If you want to make sure that you will get the appropriate size of the go cart, sit on the cardboard and outline the design of the frame. Allot enough space for your feet and hands.

Tips and Warnings

For your own safety, look for go cart construction plans at magazines and books that you can use for this project. To avoid having hassles, get all the important materials before initiating the project. When problems occur, do not hesitate to ask the assistance of professionals. In addition, it is also important to use materials that have high quality to make sure that the go cart frame will function well and will be stable.

Additional Information On Building A Go Cart Frame

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