How to Build a Go Cart

Before you start to build a go cart, make sure that the work area is clear and clean. You’ll need plenty of space. While the method is straightforward, it does require some patience.

Required Tools and Materials

Tape measure
Welding tool
Throttle kit
Brake kit
Steering assembly
Pencil and papers (for sketching plans)
Tubing bender
Tubing (round or square)
Engine mounting plate
Sheet metal

Note: this example is for a two seat cart.

Measure the Vehicle Width

Sit down and imagine you’re in the cart. Take the chalk and draw an outline around you. Make it wide enough so you’ll have space to move around. Get up and check how long it is by using the tape measure.

To build a go cart, measure the widest area and the middle point as well. Multiply the figures by two and add six. Put down 6” in the rear and frontal sections.

Use reference pictures if needed. When scaling 1 is to 1 is preferred. It is much easier to create using the approach.

Step 1

Place the cross pipe at the points where you marked 6”. Weld it with your tool. To make the front bumper, take a pipe. It should be eight inches longer than the requirement. Weld it too. For the rear end, weld a pipe that’s at least four inches longer than what you measured earlier.

Step 2

Go to the center of the just welded pipe. Use a marker to note 2” off the middle point. Mark the corners and weld a 4” tube there. When you build a go cart you must also put one tube between each.

Step 3

Measure a point 4” from the passenger section. Weld a pipe there as long as the car. Now take a tubing and gauge 1 and ½” at the front end. Fuse the tubing there.

Step 4

Take the sheet metal. Cut it the same size (length and width) as the vehicle.

Step 5

Get the engine mounting plate. Now you must fuse this component into the right location. Make sure that the welding is done properly. The next step is to add the steering kit. This is something you can purchase in stores. Unpack it and just follow the instructions as stated.

The next step is to add the throttle and brake. These are critical components. Make sure that you install them properly as you build a go cart.

Step 6

Now it’s time to add the seats. Before fusing it into place, think about the seats you want to add. These need to be comfortable for you and the other passenger.

Step 7

Get the engine and fasten it to the plate. Link the chain. The last thing you need to do is add the wheels. Be sure that it’s tight. You don’t want the wheels flying off when you’re driving around.

Tips and Warnings

Keep in mind who you’re building the cart for. If it’s for a child there should be more emphasis on protection.

Be careful when using the tools. Make sure that the measurements are correct before you fuse them together.

Wear the proper gear when driving, and so should your passenger. Be careful when driving at high speeds.

If you have a love for racing, learning to build a go cart is something you’re likely to enjoy. Not only is it fun, but having your custom built car means there’s nothing like it anywhere else.

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