How to Use a Digital Camera

Want to know how to use a digital camera? It’s easy and fun. This tutorial shows you how. You will need your digital camera, the camera manual, batteries and your computer.

How to Use a Digital Camera to Take Pictures

Each digital camera model is different. This can only be a general guide.

1. First you insert the batteries. Your camera may have batteries included when you purchase it.

2. Insert the memory card. The memory card has the same function as film in older cameras: it stores photos. But you can erase the contents of a memory card and reuse it as often as you like. If you forget to insert the memory card you won’t be able to take many pictures before running out of space.

3. Turn on the camera. Go to the main menu and look for the picture or image quality setting. Here you can adjust the size and quality of the pictures you will take. The better the quality you specify, the larger the file will be when it’s saved in the memory card. That means you’ll be able to take less pictures at that size. If you choose a lower quality setting, you’ll be able to store more photos in the memory card.

4. Choose your photo mode. Digital cameras usually come with presets. These are settings for various types of photos you may want to take. Examples are “indoors,” “auto,” “candlelight,” “sports” etc. The differences are in lighting, zoom f-stop and other controls.

5. Look for a shooting guide. There may also be a shooting guide that gives further presets. Say you want to take pictures of a moving object minus the motion blur. Or you want to take extra close-up photos of very small items. The digital camera may be able to automate these for you.

6. Make adjustments. If you are camera-savvy, you might do the adjustments yourself. Turn off the flash, set the timer on or reduce the brightness as needed.

7. Focus and take the shot. Taking pictures is easy. Generally you focus the viewfinder on your subject and press on a button on top of the camera.

8. Copy your files. Now connect your digital camera to your computer. You will probably use a USB cable and port. Install the camera software and copy the files with it.

9. From here on the computer takes over.
You can edit, save or print the photos as you like. You can also take the camera and have the files printed at a print shop.

10. Free up space. When your memory card fills up, it’s time to empty it. Back up your photos by burning them to a CD-R or DVD-R. Next erase the contents of the memory card with the delete command. Now you can take more photos.

And that’s all there is to it to using digital cameras.

Digital cameras have brought photography within everybody’s reach. Now anyone can take quality photos for both personal and commercial ends. With this tutorial you should know now how to use a digital camera the way you need.

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