How to Build a Loft

The following will be needed if you are going to build a loft. You probably have these things in the house already. If not they can be purchased at stores.

Required Tools and Materials

Saw (circular)
Screws (a couple of boxes of screws will be sufficient)
Wood (4 x 4s and 2 x 4s)
Plywood (3/4”)
Tape measure
Joint braces
Power drill
Vacuum (for cleaning purposes)

Choose a Site

This structure is usually built in a house corner. Use the tape measure to check the available space. Also look at the ceiling level and the space around the area. These will determine how big the structure can be.

You should also make a sketch. There are two basic types: the rectangular and L shape. Choose beforehand which you are going to build.

Construct the Frames

Measuring the available space should help you build a loft that can fit in the area. Now cut the wood according to the right size. Use the screws to assemble the frame. Get a couple of 2 x 4s and put it on the outer perimeter of the just built frame. Get another 2 x 4 and set it on the cross members. Use the joint braces to fasten the parts together.

Putting the Frame in Place

Have someone help you put the frame up. Screw the nails in the right place. You might need several friends to help you if you are using large wood boards to build a loft. With the frame in place, put the plywood above it. Screw the plywood onto the frame. Screw it on the 4 x 4s as well.

Finishing Touches

You can add shelves on the loft to better organize the stuff you’ll put there. You can put these in between the support posts. You can put a carpet or other covering around it. If you are making a loft bed, put on some nails on the plywood before you put the mattress
in place.

If the loft is high, you should put a ladder there for easy accessibility. You can make the ladder from the wood. Get an estimate of how many steps are needed and saw as many as required. Put the nails in place.

Tips and Warnings

It’s a good idea to build a loft outside the house. It can make cleaning up that much easier. The sawing and drilling will have sawdust flying everywhere. This can be very difficult to clean in a confined space. Always wear protective goggles when using the saw. Follow the instructions when using the drill so mistakes can be avoided.

If you are going to paint, don a mask. The chemicals might be toxic so it’s better to be safe. This is not a one man project; have someone to help you especially when hoisting the wood up. Don’t forget to put rails around the bed if it’s for kids.

The best way to learn how to build a loft is by doing it. It isn’t as hard as it seems. With a little help from your friends, the task will be finished in a few hours.

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