How to Build a See Saw

If you’re going to build a see saw for the kids, there are a few things you’ll need. These materials can be purchased in most hardware stores.

Required Tools and Materials

Pressure treated boards (2 x 4 and 2 x 8)
Steel pipe (galvanized, 1 and ¼ in)
10 ft long board (pressure treated, 2 x 10”)
Sand paper
Galvanized window wells
Paint or stain
Tape measure

Choose the Site

The surface needs to be flat. Avoid spots where there are tree branches that could get in the way of the see saw’s movement. Add some mulch in the general area around the structure. If mulch isn’t available, use some smooth stones. This is needed when you build a see saw so the surface isn’t so hard.

Making the Fulcrum

The fulcrum is where the seats will be connected to. Make it about 14 inches or a little higher. Use two window wells stacked atop one another. Put some spikes to hold the wells in place.

Making the Seats

Get the 2 x 10 board. Measure 16 inches for both ends; also measure 1 ¼ in at the sides and drill there. Put a rope through these openings. Fasten the ropes tight. These will be the handles.

Get the seats and connect them to the window wells. Ensure that the seats are centered as you build a see saw. Get some screws and fasten them to the fulcrum. Take the saw and make some curving cuts on both ends of the seats. Sand the seats.

Using a Steel Pipe Fulcrum

In this case, you need to cut a couple of 2 x 8 boards about 35 inches long. Make a couple of notches and set it 20 inches above the surface. Fasten it in place with some cement. Use the pipe straps to hold the galvanized pipe in place. Attach the seats as described earlier to finish the project.

Get a brace (2 x 4) and fasten it beneath the seats. Create a notch in the middle of the brace (1 and ¼ in deep by 1 and 1 ¼ in wide). Follow the steps described earlier.

Tips and Warnings

Wear gloves when you build a see saw. If you have little experience with using a circular saw or jigsaw, make sure to follow all instructions. Sweep or vacuum all the splinters and dirt when the project is finished.

If you’re going to use stain, pick one that is weather resistant so it doesn’t get ruined. If using paint, give it several hours to dry completely. Although some paints are now chemically safe, others aren’t.

If you have allergies or a weak respiratory system, put on a mask. Do not let people with lung problems near the site as you’re painting.

The same rule applies when you use cement with the galvanized pipe. If you’re mixing the cement yourself, follow all instructions.

Learning to build a see saw seems like a daunting task. But once you have all the materials ready, you’ll be able to finish the project without any help quite easily.

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