How to Build a Fountain

It doesn’t take an engineer or carpenter to build a fountain. As long as you have the right tools and willing to persevere, you can set one up in your very own garden.

Required Tools and Materials

Tub or container for holding water
Tubing (flexible type)
Rocks (flattened)
Pot (terra cotta)
Garden soil
Spray paint (black color)
Sand (play or builder’s sand are both okay)
Submersible pump
Hose clamp
Cinder blocks (8 x 8 x 16)

Adding in the Water

Start by putting water in the tub. Now put some sand around it. Your goal is to make it as firm as possible. If necessary utilize the hose. The water there will put the sand in place. The next step to build a fountain will be adding the cinder blocks. Spray paint them black. Let them dry for 20 minutes. Afterwards put the blocks in the tub. Pile them until they reach 16”.

Setting up the Pot

First you should connect the pump to the tubing. Secure it with the hose clamp. Take a pot and turn it upside down. Place the pump and pot near the cinder blocks. Put the pump through the hole in the pot. Make one if there is none. Move the tubing if water gets through. This can happen if the hose is too thin. You must not let any water get through.

To continue to build a fountain, set the pump atop the pot. By plugging it, water will fill the pump. Use the hose to add more to the tub. Next you should add some soil and rocks around the sides.

Finishing Touches

Now you can put soil around the terra cotta. Add as many of the flat rocks as necessary to conceal it. You can stop when it cantilevers a couple of inches at the topmost part.

You can beautify it by adding plants. It makes everything look more natural. You can decide on what types of plants to use. You can also add some more rocks to make it more attractive. Some prefer to use pebbles instead. It’s your choice.

You can look at different designs to help you build a fountain. This can help you get an idea of what types of stones and plants to use. If your garden has a theme, try to incorporate the structure into it.


The power source is key no matter how you build a fountain. Check it periodically. This will ensure that the water pumping is continuous. Also look at the water to make sure that it is clean. If necessary, treat the water with chlorine. There are no hard and fast rules how to properly design, so be creative. You just need to conceal any traces of the pots. After that you can arrange the stones and plants anyway you like.

It will take time to create it, but it’ll be worth it. Not all homes have one, and when people see that you do, they’ll be impressed, and even more so once they learn you were able to build a fountain by yourself.

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