How to Wire a Ceiling Fan

Want to know how to wire a ceiling fan? Wish you would be able to learn how to wire a ceiling fan on your own without having to call for a professional repairman?

Learning how to wire a ceiling fan is actually a very simple task. But as simple as it is for most of the people who learned how to do it, you still may need to know a few basic things in order to start working on your ceiling fan.

Step One:
First, you have to get a good location for your fan. Once you have decided where it would be most appropriate to put it, never forget to turn off your circuit breaker.

Step Two:
Next, in knowing how to wire a ceiling fan, you need to be sure if your current electrical workbox actually supports your fan.

How will you know this? See if your workbox already has metal cross braces span. These should be between the two joints of your workbox.

If you don’t see them, you should prepare a 2”x4” braces in that place. These should reach the top of the workbox. Use a screw gun or manually place a handful of screws to hold the wood firmly in place to make your workbox.

Step Three:
If you just bought your ceiling fan, assemble it first according to its manual. After that, install a mounting bracket to help hold your fan in place. Attach this bracket to your workbox.

Fans typically come with their own types of hanging brackets. A hanging frame helps you to easily set up the ball end of the bottom rod of your fan. On the other hand, if your fan has a “J” hook, be sure that you hang your fan’s motor housing while you hook the wires.

Step Four:
Connect the wires by using the wire nuts and combining the two white wires with the two ground wires. This is how you should hook your wires properly.

Step Five:
Based on the manual, assemble the other parts of the fan. Mount a canopy and be sure that you place the fan blades on the fan firmly. Failure to do so will make your fan blades too loose and not function well.

Step Six:
This step would probably the step that you would like best among all the other steps that you need to learn in order to know how to wire a ceiling fan.

So, what’s the next thing to do? Check if you have prepared everything correctly and understood every step to learn how to wire a ceiling fan.

Yes, it is time to test your ceiling fan so turn on the circuit breaker. Check the fan’s movement. Does it vibrate? If it does, there may be something loose – either the fan blades or the wire’s connection. Fix it immediately to avoid further damage.

You’re finished! Simple isn’t it? Who would’ve thought that learning how to wire a ceiling fan would take these basic steps? Try them out for yourself and see how easy it is to wire a fan.

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