How to Buy Flattering Clothes

Do you want to stay beautiful and sexy? Would you like to become more attractive and gorgeous? Are you looking for clothes that will suit your fashion sense, style and personality? Then learn how to buy flattering clothes and stay alluring and lovely. Below are tips on looking and purchasing clothes that will fit your body.

Choosing Clothes That Will Suit Your Height

To buy flattering clothes, it is important to know your height since it can affect the fit of clothes. For example, if your height is under 5’10” you should buy tops that are scoop neck, V neck and boat neck. These cuts can make the body looks taller. On the other hand, if your height is above 5’10” buy turtle neck tops and crew neck tops.

Emphasizing the Waist

If you want to become attractive, it is important to buy clothes that will emphasize the waist. If your body’s thinnest region is above your hipbone, wear stylish belts as well as fitted jackets or fitted shirts that will highlight your waist.

Choosing the Right Pants and Shorts

Choosing the right pants is very important to become sexier and more attractive. Wearing Capri pants is only advisable for tall individuals. If you want to look taller, wear skinny jeans and shorts. In addition, avoid buying tapered jeans because these clothes are not flattering and are usually out of style.

Choosing Shirts

To look attractive and appealing, buy shirts for which the length does not reach the crotch of the pants. Long and loose shirts can make you look shorter and unattractive. Covering your torso will create a disproportion look of your body.

Buying Nice Undergarments

Buying nice and sexy undergarments are important to women who want to look well-dressed and elegant. To look sexier, it is best to buy paired and simple undergarments. In addition, always look for fitted bras because these can emphasize or highlight the upper portion of your body.

Know Your Body Types

To help you buy flattering and stylish clothes, know your body type. If the lower part of your body is smaller than the upper part of your body, it is best to buy lower rise pants as well as belted jackets. If you want to enhance the curves of your body, buy skirts that have slits and flared jeans. If you have a pear-shaped body, avoid wearing pants with light colors as well as tight skirts. Finally, if you have a rectangle-shaped body, avoid clothes with vertical styles and designs.

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