How to Use Coupons

A coupon is a piece of paper you use to get discounts or free stuff when purchasing something. Everybody loves coupons. But to use them well you have to know what you’re doing. Learn how to use coupons and you’ll bump up your savings considerably.

How to Use Coupons Step by Step

1. Collect your coupons. Check your mailbox everyday for them. When you go shopping, the cashier may give you a coupon or two when she or he hands you the receipt.

2. Check the coupon date. Coupons can be used for a limited time only. Look for a “valid when” date. If you have a bunch of coupons, put the ones that will expire soonest at the top.

3. Use only what you need. If you don’t really need an item, don’t buy it just because there’s a coupon. You’d only spend more money instead of less. Say you get a free entrée coupon at a restaurant. Order one, get one of same price free. Sounds good, but if you don’t normally go to a restaurant anyway, what’s the point? You don’t save by spending more!

4. Know your prices. A $3 discount on a bulk purchase may be tempting. But first compare the coupon price with the regular price of a competitor item. You might be better off buying a lesser known brad than using that coupon.

5. Trade coupons. What if you find coupons you don’t need? Do you throw them away? You could. But it would be better to give them away to someone else who needs them. In return ask that person to trade you those coupons you need that they might have. Everyone wins. Just don’t worry about how much you get in return for what you give. What matters is people know how to use coupons and when to pass them on.

6. Schedule your shopping. To really use coupons like you should, plan your shopping. Try to use several coupons in one place at the same time. There’s no sense going here and there for one coupon. Think gas mileage!

7. Shop with a list. Avoid “impulse buys” or it would make the coupon hunting useless. Bring a list and buy only what’s on it plus use the coupons.

8. Hand out your coupons to the cashier. The time you hand out your coupons is when it’s time to pay for your items. The cashier will ask if you have brought any coupons with you, anyway.

9. Double check your receipt. Before checking out, take a good look at your receipt. Make sure the coupon discount was counted in. You’ll see it as a negative number at the end of the receipt.

Coupons are a great way to save if you know to use them. Search the Internet for more printable and online coupons. Save money in these hard times.

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