How to Carve Wood

Do you want to express your artistic skills? Are you interested in creating and displaying interesting art works and masterpieces? Do you like to make your own wood sculptures? Then explore the art of wood carving and show your talent by making attractive and beautiful wood sculptures.

One of the most interesting and famous form of art, wood carving is a very profitable and enjoyable hobby. Chip carving, relief carving and caricature carving are three of the easiest and exciting wood carving methods. By following the simple steps and guidelines, you can easily learn how to carve wood.

Materials and Tools

Some of the materials that are used in the project are smoothening tools, a chisel, a gouge and a sharpening tool. The other materials that are important to wood carving are Veiner, a V-tool, a piece of wood, a sand paper and a carving knife. To avoid experiencing difficulties while doing the project, you need to look for a design that can be used as a pattern for the artwork.


Start with selecting the best piece of wood to be used in the artwork. When selecting the wood, it is necessary to consider the size and shape of the design. If you are an amateur, it is advantageous to look for softwood since this can be easily carved. However, if you are a professional artist and you want to make a beautiful and attractive sculpture, choose hardwood.

Sketch an outline on the surface of the wood. It is best if you draw the outline on the center of the wood. If you are using softwood, use the carving knife to mark the design. On the other hand, use a chisel to mark the design that was outlined on the surface of hardwood.

Start following the details with the use of appropriate tools. Use the V-tool when marking decorative carvings on the wood. A gouger is commonly used when making cuts on the wood’s surface.

As soon as the pattern was carved, remove excess wood. Ensure that the surface and edges of the wood were properly finished. To make the artwork more attractive and interesting, use a sand paper and other smoothening tools such as rasps to finish the design. Afterwards, apply linseed oil or walnut oil to make the wood carving more realistic and alluring. If there are no available walnut oil and linseed oil, you can use natural stains as alternatives to polish and finish the artwork.

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