How to Change a Shower Faucet

Having a leaky shower is a common trouble that people experience in their homes. This is very simple to solve since the solution to this problem is to simply change the faucet. Being able to do this plumbing work can save homeowners, the budgets that they usually allocate for letting a plumber do this job. Below are guidelines and tips that are useful to those who want to learn how to change a shower faucet.


Choosing the Replacement

Before proceeding with the simple steps in repairing a faucet, it is important to learn how to choose the appropriate replacement for the malfunctioning bathroom fixture. To select the right replacement, the first step is to check the measurements of the old faucet. This is very essential to make sure that the replacement has the same size with the faulty shower faucet. If ever there are problems with getting the size of the fixture, then the best move is to remove the old unit and show it with the professionals in local home improvement stores. It is also better to get a new shower faucet, which has materials that will fit the style as well as the design of the bathroom.

Inspecting the Source of Water Supply

As soon as there is a replacement for the fixture, the next move will be to inspect and identify the source of water supply in the place. Make sure to cut off the supply before changing the faucet. Locating the source is not that difficult since most homeowners install their water supply valves either in the basement or in the bathroom.

Uninstalling the Fixture

Get a pipe wrench because this is a useful tool in removing the fixture. To do this, uninstall the wallboard at the back of the faucet with the use of the wrench and remove the malfunctioning shower faucet.

Locating the Pipes

Before changing the fixture, inspect the pipes that connect the supply of water to the faucet. Make sure that the pipes are new. Seek help from a plumber if there are corrosions along the feed pipes. After checking these, remove the fixture carefully. Use a screwdriver to uninstall the nuts that connect the faucet to the wallboard. Get the replacement unit and install it. Most faucet replacements have a manufacturer’s recommendation and guide that are useful when installing the fixture.

Checking the Replacement

As soon as the new unit was installed, turn on the valve. Inspect for leaks. If there are still leaks, ask assistance from professionals to identify the source of the problem.

Videos Showing How to Change a Shower Faucet

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