How to Clean DVD’s

Learning how to clean DVD discs and players is essential. Even if they are of the highest quality they won’t last if not maintained properly.

Removing Dirt from a DVD player

The easiest way to do this is with a disc cleaner. There are two types available: the disc type and in liquid form. The disc is easier to use. It looks just like a regular DVD. Just insert it in the player. It should start automatically. If not, press play. Follow the instructions on screen or read the manual.

If you use the liquid type, get some cotton swab. Put some of the liquid on the cotton. Add some alcohol, only if the instructions say so. Open the player and dab a little bit on the lens. The lens is the one with the bluish shade. Test it. Repeat if necessary. And that is basically all there is to learning how to clean DVD players.

Removing Dirt from DVD Discs

The important thing to remember is to wipe from the inner to the outer part in a straight line. A circular motion just moves the dirt around. By moving in a straight line the dirt is removed from the inner parts.

There are several materials you can use. One of the most popular are microfiber cloths. Unlike regular clothing the fabric used here absorbs dust easily. It also doesn’t leave any particles that might affect the disc.

You can also use isopropyl alcohol. Mix it with water and dab it with a cloth. Part of knowing how to clean DVD discs is mixing the alcohol and water right. The mixture should be 1 is to 1. To dry set the disc upright for a couple of minutes.

You can use a window cleaner too. Get a soft cotton cloth and add the cleaner. Again you should wipe them from the inside to the outside in a straight line. Prop it up for a few minutes.

Warnings and Tips

To keep your player in good shape, clean it every couple of months or so. Do this even if the signal is good. This will help maintain its picture for a longer time. But avoid using the cleaner too much. Doing so can damage the lens. There are instructions in the user guide. Look them over.

Aside from knowing how to clean DVD discs, there are other things you should know. Clean them regularly. Avoid using worn out clothes as they may leave fabrics. If there is a scratch on the disc apply toothpaste. This can remove the scratches quickly. Just add a little water to the toothpaste and put on the disc.

To avoid hassle you can just purchase kits instead. There are several available nowadays. To be sure check the manufacturer of the player and disc for other details. The methods mentioned here are compatible with most models. But still you should check out the manufacturer’s website to be sure.

Knowing how to clean DVD discs and players is very important. If you value that collection, you should spend some time studying these methods.

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