How to Use a Bidet

Using a bidet only seems awkward at first. If you follow the steps below, you’ll be able to utilize it appropriately.

Toilet First

The bidet should be used after the toilet. Some prefer the bidet altogether, but for hygiene reasons, using the toilet and then the bidet is recommended.

Adjusting Bidet Controls

Bidets come in a variety of designs. You’ll be looking at the controls or they could be behind you. Begin by modifying the jet strengths and temperature. If there are separate controls for hot and cold water, turn on the former first. Add as much cold water as you need. Note: when using a bidet

in some hot countries, turning on cold water first is recommended. Use the same techniques for mixing the hot and cold water mentioned earlier.

Get into Position and Cleaning Yourself

When you’ve got the setting right, position your body so the jets of water hit the right parts. You can either sit on the rim or on the seat (some bidets don’t have seats, just rims). In some cases, faucets are used instead of jets.

You can let the water clean the area or you can use your hands too. Apply soap if you wish. After you’re done using a bidet, dry the wet area. Use a toilet paper. Other bidets have a dryer installed. Use it if you want. The towels you see are used for cleaning the hands.

Get off the bidet and turn the jets or faucets low. Let it run for a few seconds to clean the bidet. Turn off the jets. Wash your hands with soap and water.


Some bidets are fully automated. This means you just sit down and let it work. Some models also have separate tools for cleaning the anus. Some models also have separate nozzles for cleaning the anus and the genitals.

Other models use only one nozzle but can be configured in different ways. You’ll want to get familiar with the controls before you start using a bidet. Fortunately most are intuitive.
You can also buy one and install it at home.

Follow the instructions for setting it up. Also keep in mind that some models need electricity. No matter what model you’re using, the steps are essentially the same. Look at the manual for any additional controls it may have.


Be sure to dry wipe if you use the bidet for bowel movement. Not doing so may block the drainage. Take care when mixing the water. Some models release a lot of water with just a slight turn, so make adjustments in increments. Do not drink the water from the bidet.

Poor sanitation can mean the bidet’s water supply may be contaminated. Think twice about using it, especially if you have skin allergies or the skin is broken. Don’t fasten the bidet fittings too much; it might get damaged.

From a hygienic viewpoint, using a bidet makes sense. Employed properly, it will ensure your sensitive parts are clean all the time, reducing the risk of infections.

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