How to Clean a Plasma HDTV Screen

In this modern day, television sets are no longer just about a box-type tube. It is more about plasma HDTVs. The updates in technology allowed for a clearer and better quality picture that translates into a higher level of enjoyment.

A high-definition plasma HDTV is a common sight in most homes because it provides crystal clear visuals along with very good sound quality. As plasma TV is pretty expensive to be included in a home’s entertainment system, it is important for any homemaker to learn the best way to care for them.

In the long term, dust would settle and dirt would pile up. To enjoy a good view, you need to learn how to clean it regularly because dust and dirt may make the picture on TV set look dull. So here, we will give you some pointers on how to clean a plasma HDTV screen:

* A plasma HDTV screen is very prone to dust and dirt. That’s because it is shiny and glossy. So remember to schedule cleaning it regularly to ensure that you get to enjoy its good viewing quality every single time.

* Aside from dust and dirt plasma screens often acquire fingerprints. Yes, you cannot prevent dust and dirt from piling up on your screen but you can do that with fingerprints. Remember not to touch the screen because the dirt and oils on your hand will be transferred to it, leaving ugly marks that are difficult to remove. If you must touch the screen, wear gloves.

* Before reading any tips anywhere about cleaning your plasma screen, try reading the manual first. In most cases, you will find a helpful guideline there on how to clean your high definition TV without causing damage.

* The most advisable tool that you could use for cleaning a plasma screen is a clean piece of cloth. A soft fabric made of cotton or the finest quality of micro-fiber is ideal because it will not cause scratch. As an alternative, you may also use toilet paper or paper towels.

* There are cleaning agents available in home stores that are especially made for plasma screens. Before trying them out on your unit, make sure that they are actually safe to use. Consult the unit’s manual to know if it is actually safe to use them. Also, keep in mind that plasma screens should not be used with a home cleaner containing ingredients such as ammonia. It can easily damage the protective covering of your HDTV screen so beware.

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