How to Convert AVI to MPEG

AVI is the abbreviation used for Audio Video Interleave, it is a format used in multimedia.  Its files are used to transfer information into MPEG, a compressed scheme.   MPEG refers to the Motion Picture Expert Group the International Organization for Standardization and International Electro-technical Commission, who are charged with creating and publishing standards for various areas of technology. These areas include standards for video formats that are used on the internet; for television broadcasts and in DVDS which are used in the media.

What You Will Need

  • Quick Time Component Software


  1. Download and install the required Quick-time component.
  2. Open a project folder and select ‘create project’ which can be found in the Project Folder dialog.  Name the new folder which has been made.  The project will be arranged using the default settings, which can be changed by using the preferences panel.  It is important that you store the movie and its settings in a project folder in case you do not wish to finish the entire project at one time.  This saved movie can also be useful to make more copies whenever the need arises.
  3. Modify the settings depending on the type of MPEG to which you need to convert.
  4. Drag in your source movie files from your settings by clicking on the ‘movies’ tab, then click on the movie of your choice.   To remove a movie from the movie playlist, you may click on the ‘Movies’ tab, click the movie you need to delete then click the delete button.
  5. Click the Convert to MPEG button (this might need to be done overnight due to its lengthy process).
  6. Once the Convert to, MPEG process is finished, the Convert to MPEG dialog will disappear.

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