How to Cook Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a member of a family of vegetables that is well known in the kitchen and on the table. Other members of the cruciferous vegetable family include broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts. When you cook cauliflower, you are sure to get a healthy dose of folate, fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Eating cauliflower will also give you an immune system boost since it also has phytochemicals. This would sometimes be enough to make your mouth water and ask how to cook cauliflower.

Needed Items: You’ll basically just need cauliflower to learn how to cook it. You can choose whether you’ll fresh cauliflower or frozen ones from the store. You’ll also need the most basic cooking utensils you have at home. This will usually include a steamer and a frying pan.

Preparing Cauliflower

The first step to cook cauliflower is to get it prepared for your intended dish. Using a knife, cut between the head and stem plus the leaves. You may discard the stem and the leaves since you won’t be cooking them. You will notice that it has a core, which you will be obliged to remove using a paring knife. Take note that you are not to separate the head and the florets. You then rinse it with tap water.

Preparing the Florets

Most of the time, when people cook cauliflower they only use the head. Using a knife, break the head into several pieces. Use a knife in case you are having problem doing this. Using your paring knife, you are to cut the heads into a bite size pieces.


You have a few options when you cook cauliflower, which are really just healthy eating options. Steaming vegetables is a great option when you want to cook cauliflower. Take bite-sized pieces to rinse and cook. Place these into your steamer to cook.

Note: Use a medium setting for your burner when steaming this vegetable. You should check it frequently to be sure that you don’t run out of water.

Stir Fry

Another cooking idea is to stir fry your cauliflower. Obviously, you’ll need a frying pan and cooking oil. Use a medium heat when frying stir fried veggies. You can add sliced onions, slices of bell pepper, and broccoli florets to add color to your dish. You can then add your favorite seasoning or sauce. Keep your cooking time short when doing a stir fry in order to retain the vegetables’ vitamin content.

Whether you steam it, stir fry it, or any other cooking method, cauliflower is a welcome addition to any meal. It is a healthy option for those who want to eat right. You’ll get a good dose of vitamins and minerals however you cook your cauliflower.

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