How to Cut Plexiglass

Plexiglass is primarily acrylic glass. This particular product has numerous uses and extreme importance to everyday life. People use such material for various kinds of important purposes because of its durability. Its uses include making aircraft windows, visors of motorcycle helmets and ice hockey rink protection. Because of these numerous uses, it is quite helpful for many people to learn how to cut plexiglass.

Materials Needed

For those who wish to learn how to cut plexiglass, it only takes a few simple materials to get the job done. First, get a measuring tape or ruler, either of which is needed to perform certain measurements later on. Second, get different kinds of saw blades to take of the cutting. To go with these blades, of course do not forget to bring a table saw. Third, goggles are important to protect the eyes from wayward debris. Fourth, fine grain sandpaper is also important to smooth out rough and uneven edges. Finally, get a high quality sheet of plexiglass.


Get the measuring tape or ruler. Use either of these two instruments to measure the thickness of the glass. For thinner variants, try using a fine-toothed saw blade. This will minimize the occurrence of chipping. Choose blades that fit your needs. There may come a time in this job that may take more than just one or two blades to cut successfully.

When selecting blades for this particular task, be sure to take into consideration the hardness and thickness of the material to cut. For instance, a softer variant of glass may need a blade with fewer teeth because it has greater chances of melting. After choosing the right blade for the job, simply attach it to the saw.

Safety is a very important part in every job. Before doing this one, the use of safety goggles is highly recommended. This is vital to protect eyes from wayward chips and irritating dusts. Furthermore, wearing safety gloves can also help to ensure safety all throughout the process of cutting the glass.

When all these things are set, start sawing the glass. Use a blade with more teeth in order to minimize the occurrence of chipping on the glass. After cutting, get sandpaper and then use it to smooth out rough and uneven edges.

Additional Tips and Information

The best results can be achieved when the right materials are used. Clean, maintain and sharpen blades for utmost efficiency and performance. All throughout the cutting process, it is very important to be safe and protected at all times. Use safety goggles and gloves.

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