How to Use a Gas Grill

People need natural gas or propane as source of fuel to operate their gas grills. Available in various shapes and sizes, this cooking equipment brings out the natural flavor and taste of food. Furthermore, it gives dishes a palatable flavor and a highly pleasant aroma. Using this, you can easily cook seafood, beef or pork, and turn them into sumptuous and delicious treats. However, you need to know certain things first before you can operate this thing properly. Here are some of the important steps on how to use a gas grill.


Preparation is very important especially when planning to use a gas grill. In terms of position, it must be placed within a secure and level surface. Likewise, it is important to set this up approximately 10 to 15 feet from any structure. Put the lava rocks at the bottom part. It is good to position the grill on top of the rocks. Get the appropriate propane tank and then attach it to the grill. Be sure to inspect the gas lines for cracks and damages. In case you are not sure about it, it is best not to use it and then have it fixed first.

For safety purposes, make sure that the control valve is closed tightly. Position the tank slowly but surely right at the tank platform, which is probably located inside the grill. In addition, the opening of the valve must be positioned facing the connection of the grill. One of the most used connections in gas grills is the screw-type valve.

Do not forget to check your gas grill connection regularly. Watch out for possible leaks, which can be very dangerous. To do this important precautionary measure, simply mix dish soap with water. Place some of the solution at the valve connection. In case there are bubbles, do not use the grill first. Instead, close the valve right away. Seek the help of experts and then have it fixed right away. On the other hand, the gas grill is safe to use in case no bubbles appear once you apply the mixture at the valve connection.

Open the propane control valve and then light the gas grill. Get the lighter switch and then press it as you turn on the gas flow control. If you do not have a lighter switch at home, it is also possible to use ordinary lighters or even matches to light up your grill. Always remember to turn off the propane control knob after use. After that, turn off the gas flow control as well.

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