How to Install a Handrail

Stairs and pathways are much safer when there are handrails. They serve as guides that people hold on to particularly when they go up or down stairways. By learning how to install a handrail, it is very easy to turn houses and buildings into much safer places. The process is quite simple and requires only a few materials to finish.

Materials Needed

Before people can learn how to install a handrail, they must first have the right materials for this easy-to-do job. They need a chalk line for marking. Likewise, a saw is very important for cutting. Meanwhile, the drill will be used to bore holes in the process. Furthermore, get a screwdriver, mounting brackets and a neat looking handrail.


Begin this project by measuring how high to place the handrail. The measurement for a usual railing is 36 inches. When doing this step, always keep in mind the length of handrail as well as the position of the mounting brackets. When the preferred height is set, mark the position for the handrail beginning from the lowest point all the way up to the highest point. Connect the mark at the bottom part with that of the highest point by drawing a chalk line between them.

Within the chalk line, carefully select three spots where to put the mounting brackets. Mark one spot below, another spot at the middle and the final one at the upper part of the stairs. If the handrail is too long, consider adding a couple more of mounting brackets for additional support. Get the drill and then use it to bore holes on the marks.

When the holes are set, put a mounting bracket each. Put a screw on each one to hold the brackets tightly on the walls. If the handrail is too long, simply cut it until it fits perfectly right into the stairway. Before putting the rail, paint it first to make it more elegant and classy. Choose a paint color that matches the surrounding areas and fixtures. Let the paint dry. Screw the mounting brackets and handrail together right onto the wall.

Additional Tips and Information

Instead of using real chalk for the chalk line, using powder is much better. The reason for this is that this kind of material is much easier to remove than real chalk. When painting a handrail, use a dark color because light colors easily get dirty. When working, it is always best to wear safety devices such as gloves and goggles.

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