How to Install an Above Ground Pool

To provide a nice place for recreation and leisure, some homeowners want to have an above ground pool at their lawns or backyards. Aside from being a good source of enjoyment, the swimming pool can also add beauty to homes. By following the guidelines, tips and simple steps below, learning how to install an above ground pool can be easy and fun.

Factors to Consider

Before putting an above ground pool, it is important to consider some factors such as the area where it will be installed. In addition to the area, it is better to have a background on the building codes as well as the local laws related to the installation of this recreational amenity. Above all, after selecting an area where the pool will be placed, inspect for gas and utility lines nearby.

Buying a Pool

After getting permits regarding the installation of the amenity, start looking for swimming pools available at local home improvement shops. When searching for a pool, it is best to consider the materials that will suit the architecture and design of the area where the pool will be located. Another thing to consider when buying a pool is the shape. Some of the common shapes of above ground pools are rectangle, oval and round.


Look at the guidelines and steps mentioned in the manual provided with the pool. Dig a hole with the depth stated at the manufacturer’s guide. Be sure that the size of the hole fits the measurements stated at the guide. After making a hole, remove sticks and stones in the hole because these can cause damages in the flooring of the pool. Put sand in the hole. Level the sand with the use of the rake. Make sure that the hole was filled with two inches of sand.

Burry concrete pavers in the hole where the wall supports will be installed. Put a bottom ring in the center of the hole. After putting a bottom ring, set the wall sections for the pool and upright supports. As soon as the upright supports were installed, attach the top rail. Attach the vinyl liner with the top rail. Allot holes or spaces for the filter as well as the water pump for the above ground pool. Install the swimming pool and fill it with water. To make sure that the water in the pool is clean, pour a substantial amount of chlorine in the water. Drain and replace the water in the pool from time to time.

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