How to Install Gutters

Although installing gutters takes some time, it can be done without hiring a professional. This is only for sectional gutters however; the seamless ones often require professional assistance.

Required Tools and Materials

Chalk line
String Level
Screws (rust resistant)
Drill with bits
Caulking gun (with silicon caulk)
Measuring tape
Gutter parts

Plan the Layout

Your gutter should take in the water falling from the roof. Then it should be drained away from the house. Use the tape measure to get the figures for the roof edges. This will be necessary so you can buy the appropriate gutters. Use the tape measure so you get an exact measurement.

Taking Measurements

Commence from the area away from the downspout section. Measure half an inch from the edge and mark it. When installing gutters, you need to go to the downspout area next. Mark the area half an inch from the edge. Use the string level so that marks are at the same height.

The gutter must flow 1/16 of an inch per ft of run. Take this measurement from the downspout section you marked. Use a chalk mark so you can set the gutters in line.

Putting the Gutter in Place

Get the gutter components and put them in place. Set the drop outlets at the downspout. Put the mounting brackets in the proper areas. Use the drill and screws to fasten everything in place. Again, rust resistant screws are imperative; ordinary types won’t suffice.

Use the scaffolding or ladder when installing gutters. Put the gutter parts at the mounting brackets. Use the connectors to secure each piece. Make sure that they are tight. Have the hacksaw by your side; gutters are usually 10 ft, so they need to be cut down at some point.

Fortifying the Gutter

Use the silicon caulk to prevent water from seeping through. Next, add the elbow at the lower section of the drop outlet. Connect the downspout to the drop outlet. Get the other mounting brackets ready as they’ll be used for securing the downspout to the house. Make certain that the components are secured properly.

Tips and Warnings

When installing gutters, it’s a good idea to have the downspout drain at the driveway. The driveway must be sloped and paved though.

You can probably do this job alone, but you should have someone help you out. Having someone else around is needed when you climb up the ladder or scaffolding. Don’t try this job if you feel uncomfortable with heights. It’s also essential that you perform this task during good weather.

But even with good weather, having someone to help you is still recommended. If you don’t feel comfortable, you should leave the task to a professional. Check on the Web for the nearest services available in your area. You want to get the best service available, but compare their prices first. Include all costs like part and labor.

Water seeping through and creating foul smells is the reason why installing gutters is so important. By setting one up, your basement will be safe from these problems.

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