How to Use a Charcoal Chimney

For people who want something nice and delicious to eat aside from the usual fried specialties, you can always try a charcoal chimney, which can serve as a cooking device for grilling food. Just like your regular grill, it can bring out the flavor and taste of ingredients naturally, which makes it a very nice option especially for individuals who appreciate great-tasting food. Unlike electronic devices and gas grills, this one is a cheaper way to prepare food because it makes use of less expensive materials. In order to understand it better, it is a quick look at how to use a charcoal chimney.

Materials Needed

You only need a number of materials before you can make the most out of this simple but efficient cooking equipment. One of the items that you need to prepare is the wire rack from your grill, which is a very important part in the cooking process. To start the fire, you need a lighter or matches. Just like charcoal grills, this one makes use of charcoal to produce a nice and stable heat. Likewise, it is good to have at least two sheets of a black and white newspaper.


Take the wire rack from your regular grill and then clean it thoroughly. Check the charcoal chimney and then find the bottom compartment. Right inside that small space, put two dry pages of newspaper. They must be crumpled loosely so that they will light up easier. Put the charcoal at the top section of the chimney. You must put enough coal to cook whatever you are planning to prepare like steaks, hotdogs as well as hamburgers.

Get the lighter or matches and then carefully light up the newspapers. Right away, smoke will come out, which is the result of flames from the burning newspapers. Let the charcoal stand for approximately 30 minutes for it to heat up. Once an orange glow develops, this is a clear indication that the coal is ready for grilling.

For the next step, it is very important to wear mittens to prevent your hands from burns. Pick up the chimney slowly and then turn it upside down. Use the bottom part of the chimney to spread out the hot coals. After spreading the coals, put the wire rack on top of the burning coals and then enjoy grilling.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Never lift the chimney while the pieces of newspaper are still burning. In case the wind blows, burning paper can go directly right at you. In addition, do not forget to use mittens when handling the chimney. You could end up with burnt hands if you fail to do this all-important step.

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