How to Make a Paper Gun

Children, especially boys will ask their parents for a toy gun.  Parents are very skeptical about the idea because of the worldwide increase in the crime rate.  There are other parents who do not mind the idea of purchasing a toy gun for their child. Some can afford it and some cannot. If the idea is acceptable then it is a good idea to learn how to make a paper gun. It is easy to make, it is affordable and allows both parent and child to spend some quality time together.  While going through the steps of how to make a paper gun, some guns can be made to shoot but this is optional.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Hands
  • Paper (Letter size)
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Stapler


  1. Take a sheet of letter size paper and fold it in half lengthwise about three times.
  2. Stick tape on both ends and in the middle to secure it.
  3. Take another sheet of paper and fold it similarly to the instructions given in step 1.  Secure it similarly to instructions given in step 2.
  4. Take the folded sheet of paper in step 1 and fold it again half widthwise (horizontally). This will be the barrel of your paper gun.
  5. Take the folded sheet of paper in step 2 and fold a 90-degree angle at one end to form a U-shape.  The middle section of the paper should measure four (4) inches across.  Measure using the ruler.
  6. Secure the 90-degree angle by stapling it with the stapler.
  7. Fold the paper in half so that both 90-degree angle folds meet together and are aligned.  If steps 5 to 7 are done correctly, the paper should have an L shape.
  8. Take the piece of paper from step 4 (the barrel) and slide it around the 90-degree folds and into the pockets that have been made in them.
  9. Pull the barrel back and slide it forward to cock the gun.
  10. The steps on how to make a paper gun have been successfully followed.

Tips and Warnings

  • To make the how to make a paper gun activity more fun, allow the children to color the paper in their desired color.  This will make the gun look more realistic.
  • The size of the gun will be based upon the size of the paper.  If letter size paper is not available, any size paper will do.
  • Steps on how to make a paper gun that shoots are accessible online.
  • The shooting paper guns are generally harmless.
  • The instructions are basic.  They can be modified in order to make the desired gun.
  • Both making the guns and playing with them makes an ideal family activity especially if the family is spending time in an area away from video games, television, and computers.
  • Reinforce the dangers of guns if they are used incorrectly.  Also remind kids that children should not play with real guns.

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