How to Make a Pinata

A Pinata is a multicolored decoration that is made mostly out of cardboard and paper. Inside of the decoration, one is usually able to find candies or similar treats. If you go to an event and see a Pinata, chances are that it will be split open by someone. The person that is expected to burst the Pinata will be blinded folded and given a stick; they are expected to hit it hard enough for it to rip open. Pinatas were originally found in Mexican celebrations but now they are prevalent at parties for children. Pinatas can be made in various different shapes and sizes, but a donkey shape is the most common.

To learn how to make a Pinata, first gather these materials:

  • Balloon
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Paper (newspaper, crepe and typing paper)
  • Animal patterns
  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Construction paper
  • Yarn
  • Knife
  • Sweets

Ten steps in how to make a Pinata

  1. Inflate the balloon and ensure that it is tied. Cut newspaper into shreds of approximately one (1) inch in width and six (6) inches in length. Affix glue to the newspaper shreds and cover the balloon with them; this is the Pinata’s first layer.
  2. After the first layer is dried, cut typing paper into shreds of the same size. Affix glue to the typing paper and cover the first layer with them; this is the Pinatas second layer.
  3. After the second layer is dried, cut crepe paper into shreds of the same size. Affix glue to the paper and cover the second layer with them; this will be the third layer.
  4. The balloon will need to be egg-shaped (oval); therefore the dried balloon will need to be laid on its side.
  5. After the oval shape has been formed, cut a hole about 2 inches crossways on the top. Remove the burst balloon and cut two additional small holes on both sides of the first hole. In order to ensure that the Pinata will be balanced, you will need to place the front hole closer to the first hole than to the hole for the back.
  6. Knot the end of two pieces of yarn, measuring 18 inches each. Push the knotted end through the holes and then tie them. Ensure that both ends of the yarn are tightly knotted together.
  7. Depending on the size of the balloon, cut an oval from construction paper and glue it to the bottom of the Pinata.
  8. Cut out the Pinata’s head, tails and legs from cardboard. Cut duplicates for support purposes,  then color the parts with desired marker colors.
  9. Use the tape to attach the parts to the body of the Pinata, then fill the Pinata with candy. Use the oval cut to cover the Pinata and use tape to close it.
  10. Glue some more shreds of crepe paper to the Pinata to hide the areas that were taped until no visible openings can be seen. Your Pinata is now completed.

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