How to Build a Work Bench

Building a work bench doesn’t require any advanced carpentry experience. You simply need to get the following materials ready.

Required Tools and Materials

A driller
Chalk or level
Saw (jigsaw or handsaw will do)
Tape measure
Circular saw
Power miter
2 x 4s (five pieces)
Protective eye gear
OSB sheet
Screws (3”)

Cutting the Pieces

Determine beforehand the size of the bench. In this example, the bench is 24” deep. Get the saw and slice the wood to make four side rails. This should be 45” long. It needs to be three inches shorter than the bench is long. Saw the wood for the end rails and make them 26” long.

Continue building a work bench by cutting the legs. You’ll need four pieces. Each one must be 26” long. For the OSB 2 pieces measuring 26” x 48” will be needed.

Putting the Pieces Together

Set the lower rails about 6” from the legs’ ends. Fasten them with screws. About four screws will be needed. The side frame needs to be squared.

Get the rails and attach to the side frames. Turn the sides over so they can be clamped and fused together. Fasten them with 3” screws. For the lower shelf, make a cut about 3”x 5’. This should be enough for the shelf to be fitted around the legs. When building a work bench, use the screws to fasten the shelf in place.

Painting and Finishing Touches

When you are finished, go over the structure. Check that all the screws are fastened in place. Screw any parts that are not tight. Now you can start to paint it. Some like to use staining instead. Whichever you use, apply them in smooth strokes. Paint in smooth and steady fashion. An unsteady stroke will produce a botched and bumpy appearance.

Give it enough time to dry. If it’s raining, perform the paint job indoors or where it won’t get wet. If you are building a work bench using polished wood, you probably won’t need to do a paint job.

Tips and Warnings

Put a mask on when painting as the smell can cause nausea. Always wear gloves when using the saw or power miter. You can also put on protective eye gear to keep wood splinters away.

When construction is finished, remove all the splinters from the floor. Sweep the area thoroughly. Make sure that any small screws on the floor are disposed of. Put the paint away when you are done.

If this is your first time to build one, consider making a sketch. Jot down all the information there. If you are having trouble with measurements, use a tape measure.

It won’t hurt to have someone with you during the construction process. Those with experience can do this job by themselves easily. But most will probably be able to do this job alone.

The method suggested above for building a work bench is just one. As you gain experience, you’ll discover more ways of constructing as well as adding more features to it.

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