How to Make an Aluminum Can Airplane

Before you start making aluminum can airplanes, you need to prepare the following materials. Work in a clear area so you don’t get glue over other stuff.

Required Tools and Materials

Aluminum cans
Glue (the all purpose type will be fine)
Flat surface or metal (to flatten the can)
Ruler (optional)


Take one aluminum can and cut off the top with the scissors. To start, just make a small hole using the scissors or another pointy object. Cut off the bottom part. Get another aluminum can. Slice off the bottom by 2 ½ inches. Set this aside for now because you’ll need it later.

How to Make the Wings and Propellers

Chop the can in half. Use a metal to level the can. Draw airplane wings using your marker. When making aluminum can airplanes, the wings needs to be of equal length. Use a ruler if necessary. Another option is to draw and cut one wing. Use this piece to draw and slice the other wing.

Draw the propeller on the remaining aluminum. For this model it will be 3 inches high. Take the can with the top sliced off. Create a couple of slits on its sides using the scissors. This is where you’ll put the wings.

Make a slit at the bottom part of the can. Take the bottom you sliced off. Get the hammer and nail. Use them to make a hole in the middle. This is where the propeller will go. Fasten the propeller in place with the screw and bolt.

Before you continue making aluminum can airplanes, make sure there’s space for the propeller to move. Not enough space will make turning difficult. Take the aluminum without the top. Glue the propeller at the top of the can.

Finishing Touches

Get a piece of aluminum. Draw a tail wing and cut it out. Get the can with the horizontal slit. Put the tail wing there. Apply some glue. Take the right wing and glue it into place. Repeat with the left wing. Let the glue dry completely; drying time will vary per product.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when cutting the cans; too much pressure will shatter them. Always wear gloves when making aluminum can airplanes. Take care when you slice the propeller and wings. Make certain the cans are clean and there’s nothing in it.

The cans you choose will affect the look of the plane. Beer and soft drinks are good choices as they’re very colorful. Alternatively, you can design one yourself. Draw some nifty graphics on your computer and print it out. Put some glue on the paper and apply it on the can.

The glue you use is also important. The all purpose type is okay, but make sure it’s long lasting. Some cheap brands wear out after a while. Get one that lasts so you can make a whole bunch of airplanes.

Making aluminum can airplanes is easy and fun. The next time your buddies play with paper planes, bring your toy and amaze them.

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