How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

A device used as an active fire protection, a fire extinguisher may come in handy during emergencies, particularly in cases where there are small fires. It is commonly found in places like heliports, airport runways as well as construction sites. Likewise, it is also found a lot in buildings, restaurants and other commercial establishments for the safety of everyone. To make the most out of this all-important device, it is important to learn how to use a fire extinguisher.


To use a fire extinguisher is relatively simple. First, be sure to memorize the acronym ‘PASS,’ which stands for pull, aim, squeeze and sweep. This will serve as your guide in case a fire breaks out. Before using, position the extinguisher in an upright manner. You can find a plastic tie somewhere in the handle. Remove it. After that, pull the pin. Get the nozzle and then aim it low. Do this while the fire extinguisher is in upright position. Next thing to do is to hold the handle and then squeeze it firmly. This should instantly release the substance and chemicals contained inside the extinguisher.

As much as possible, be sure to move in closer to the fire. This can make the fire extinguishing process more effective. Always aim at the base of the fire because this is the source of the flame. The more you can control the base, the easier for it to manage and stop the fire right away. Handle it firmly and then sweep it from one side to another until the fire dies out completely. Once you have mastered these all-important steps, you can extinguish small fires wherever you are with the help of this simple fire protection device.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

It is best to position the fire extinguisher near an exit. This can help people especially those who are trapped inside the building, put out the fire themselves. It is also good to put fire extinguishers inside the garage, kitchen and other fire-prone areas. However, do not put them too close to the stove because they will be very difficult to get in case the stove is on fire.

After using the fire extinguishers, be sure to replace them right away. If you cannot purchase new ones, have the used ones refilled instead. Do this even if you have used only a little part of each extinguisher. Of course, storing them inside the house is not enough. Be sure to educate each resident how to use them in case a fire breaks out.

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