How to Pickle Okra

Get lots of healthy fibers by eating okra. Some claim it also has medicinal value. To keep it from drying up, here are ways on how to pickle okra.

Pickled Okra with Garlic

A simple procedure on how to pickle okra is by preserving it with garlic. An easy way on how to deliciously preserve okra with garlic needs the following ingredients: three pounds of fresh okra, water, white vinegar, salt for pickling, and minced garlic. The amount of each ingredient will depend on one’s taste preferences. So put them in according to taste.

Wash the okra pieces thoroughly. Then drain them well. Put them in clean and sterilized pint bottles or jars. It may take 2 or 3 bottles or jars, depending on their size. Consider space for the rest of the ingredients. Then boil enough water, pickling salt, vinegar, and the minced garlic in a sauce pan. After boiling, pour all the content into the jars or bottles with okra. Make sure there is enough space on top of the jar. Close the lead cover tightly and seal with scotch tape. Sealing should be well considered in how to pickle okra. After 4 to 5 days, the pickles are ready to eat. This is one way on how to deliciously preserve okra.

Spicy Okra Pickle

For a recipe on how to deliciously preserve okra with lots of spices, pack fresh okra pieces in bottles or jars. Crowd them tightly. Prepare at least two jalapeno peppers for each jar to be used. To spice up the pickle more, add sliced onions, salt, sugar, vinegar, some water, and red or green bell pepper for extra flavor. Boil all these ingredients and pour everything into the jars of pickles. Seal them carefully and allow at least a month to pass. This is how to pickle okra for that extra seeped in flavors. This is perfect for grilled meat and fish.

A Much Spicier Okra Pickle

This okra pickle recipe uses the ingredients of the Spicy Okra Pickle above as a base. Just add the following spices: white mustard seed (about 2 teaspoons), celery seed (1 teaspoon), whole black peppers, a little cooking wine, and some raisins. Bring all these to a boil, along with the base ingredients, and pour them on the jars of okra. Seal tightly and allow a month to pass. The okra pickles are perfect as appetizers or side dish for grilled or fried meats and fish. Knowing how to pickle okra could come in handy when it needs preserving.

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