How to Bake Fish

Fish is a low-fat food especially when baked. That’s why for those who would like to opt for a healthier meal, learning how to bake fish is the best option to go for.

The steps to follow are detailed here as follows to give you a better idea and an initial working knowledge of how to bake fish on your own:

First: Wash or rinse the fish you are going to use.

Under cold water, be sure to rinse or wash your fish first. In cleaning this, don’t forget to also focus on cleaning the insides, too, and not just the outside portion. Sure, this would get a bit messy, but at least you know that the fish you will eat would not only be delicious but also clean and devoid of smell.

Second: Prepare the heat of the oven.

It would be best to preheat your oven before proceeding with the other steps you have to do in preparing your fish to be baked later. Put the heat to about 450 degrees.

Third: Use a non-stick cooking spray and spray a little amount on your baking dish.

This will make it easier to get the fish and transfer to a serving platter once it is baked.

Be sure to have the skin side down of the fish when you put it in the baking dish.

Fourth: Season your fish.

Use some pepper and a dash of salt to season your fish. You may also add some butter for more flavor. Rub these things in and out of the fish to coat it well and distribute flavor.

Fifth: Add your favorite veggies for a more scrumptious meal.

Aside from rubbing salt, pepper, and butter, you can also add a few of your favorite veggies before you bake your fish. Good choices would be carrots, squash, string beans, and others. You may put all these inside the fish cavity or place it beside or around the fish in the baking dish.

Sixth: Use egg and some bread crumbs for a tastier meal.

Before baking, dip your fish (whole or cut in bite-sized pieces) in a bowl with beaten egg. Then dip it in bread crumbs. Coat both sides. And place it in the baking dish to bake.

Seventh: Bake the fish.

It’s time to bake the fish. That would take just a few minutes, say, about five to ten minutes or until you notice that your fish would turn to a golden brown color.

And that’s how simple it is to learn how to bake fish. It’s just like frying minus the oil. But you would still get a crunchy and yummy meal that you can easily prepare for yourself or your family whenever you prefer to do so.

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