How to Repair a Roof Leak

Leaking roofs give people a lot of inconveniences. They can cause damages to home appliances, furniture and other things that can be found inside houses. Furthermore, this particular problem is very dangerous because it can ruin electrical connections that may lead to fire or even electrocution. To avoid all these potential dangers and discomforts, be sure to learn how to repair a roof leak. Be sure to fix leaking roofs before the rainy season comes in order to avoid further problems.

Materials Needed

Learning how to repair a roof leak is very easy. Gather necessary materials like weighted markers, flat-soled shoes and binoculars. Bring also rags, metal-bristled brush and hammer. Do not forget to bring nails as well. The trowel, roofing cement and knife also play significant roles in the possible successful completion of this simple task. Moreover, procure gloves and roof patching fabrics.


Before repairing leaks, it is but right to find them first. Use binoculars to locate possible holes and cracks on roofs. Slowly go through the roofs part by part until all the possible holes and damaged parts are spotted. Be sure to find all the sources of leaks. Remember each one of them. Get a nice sturdy ladder and then use it to go up on the roof. Put marks on every leak source by placing weighted objects on them. This project is much easier to do if there are two persons involved. One must locate the holes and cracks down below, while the other one marks them on top.

When walking on top of the roof, it is best to wear shoes with flat soles. Doing this will prevent further damage on the cracked spots. While on top, check the roofs once again for other cracks and holes. Having a closer look at these broken parts is better than looking at them from way down below. Find other spots to fix including worn out cement seals and gaps.

After this, go inside the attic. Locate parts where there are stains of water. These are clear indications of leaks. Use the hammer to put nails through the holes. They will be easier to find once you go on top of the roof later on. Repair all holes as much as possible. Remove loose cement seals, debris and dirt using the metal-bristled brush. Inside the attic, use rags to dry wet spots.

Mix roof cement using the trowel. Use it to cover holes, gaps and leaks. Be sure to cover them all properly with the cement. When there are worn out nails, replace them. After that, pour in some roofing cement to seal the holes. For bigger cracks, use roof patches and then cement them. Enjoy the comfort of leak-free homes.

Additional Tips and Information

While doing this task, protect your hands by using gloves all throughout the process. While walking through the roof, be careful not to damage the cracks and holes further. As much as possible, walk and move slowly as well as use flat-soled footwear.

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