How to Repair a Washing Machine

Washing machines makes washing of our clothes easier and very convenient. In fact, some people cannot live without this machine. A few maybe, thought about how to properly care for these appliances and maintenance. However, it’s important that a user must know how to repair a washing machine to prolonged its usability and avoid spending more cash on buying a new one or new parts.

The first thing to do on how to repair a washing machine is to be more familiar with common problems which includes water pump failure, damaged drive belts and motor malfunction.

Servicing the Water Pump

The water pump undoubtedly takes the most punishment among all parts of a washing machine because it is constantly in use. When the pump fails, the water may not drain.

Step 1: Check the drain hoses to ensure they’re working. Detach the water supply hoses. Extract the filter screens from the valve ports or hoses. Wash the screens carefully, replace them and reattach the hoses. If you still can’t drain your water then check your pump.

Step 2:
Bail and sponge out any water inside the tub to access the pump. After that, tip the machine over on its front. Detach the back service panel. The pump is located at the bottom of the machine.

Step 3: An important reminder on how to repair a washing machine is to note how the parts are positioned. The pump has two large hoses attached to it with spring or strap clips. After working with these straps, pull the hoses off. Straighten the crimped hoses and reconnect them. You may have to replace your pump if you still can’t drain.

Step 4: You remove it by disengaging it at its bolt. You’ll find that part connected to the drive belt taut. Then move the washer’s motor on the bracket so that you can loosen the belt. Unbolt the pump. Before you lift the pump out, support it with your hand.

Step 5: Clean away all that may have caused the trouble like lint, dirt, or pieces of paper or of cloth clogging the pump impeller. After cleaning, reassemble the pump. Attached the pump again and test it. One thing on how to repair a washing machine is that if the problem continues, you need to replace the damaged part if you can’t fix it.

Replacing Drive Belts

The drive belt of a washing machine may cause noise during operation when it’s damaged. It can also cause the machine to stop. This problem is one of the easiest one to resolve on how to repair a washing machine.

Step 1: After loosening the bolt, move the motor to loosen the belt.

Step 2: Take off the old belt and place a new one on the pulleys.

Step 3: To put strain on the new belt, use a hammer handle to drive motor into position while tightening the bolt.

There should be approximately 1/2 inch deflection when you are pressing on it at the center spot, midway between the pulleys. The belts will slip on the pulleys they are too loose and will cause the machine to malfunction. However, it will wear quickly if they are too tight and could start a smoke it becomes very hot.

Servicing the Motor

The motor, when damaged, can be the toughest job on how to repair a washing machine. This problem should be handled by a professional. However, reattaching is easier when it’s already fixed.

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