How to Use Earbuds

There are those who find earbuds more comfortable than using your traditional headphones. Earbuds are the small headphones that can fit into one’s ears. On the other hand the traditional headphones are much larger and are covered in foam in order to protect the wearer’s ear. There are some that struggle at how to use earbuds. We’ll show you the very basics on how to do this and give you tips about some of the issues about their use.

How to Use Earbuds

iPods usually come with their very own set of earbuds, which makes it a necessity to learn how to use them. Since this and other portable music players often use earbuds nowadays, it becomes quite fundamental to learn how to use them. The idea to their design is to have them slip into your ears . Because of its compact size, it can be kept and brought out easily.

Connecting Your Earbuds

The first step on how to use earbuds is to connect your earbuds to your iPod or some other MP3 player. Some cell phone models even come with earbuds of their own. To connect your buds to your phone or device, just look for the earphone jack and plug your bud into it. There are different forms and types of headphone/earphone jacks. Some will not look like the ones that you’re used to seeing.

Putting Them On

The next step on how to use earbuds is to simply put them on. When you put them on you should remember only to insert them up to your outer ear. They should only reach the area in the flap of the skin that is partially covering your ear canal. This part of your ear is located underneath your tragus.

Take note that earbuds usually have ones specially made to fit only the left or the right ear. This is an important thing to remember when figuring out how to use earbuds. If you feel a little bit of pain when putting them on you might have switched the one for the left ear for the one designed for the right ear. The left and right earbuds are marked with an ‘L’ and an ‘R’ respectively.


Here are a few tips on issues regarding how to use earbuds. Some people have the problem of their earbuds falling off. This might simply be an indication that you are not wearing ones that are of the right size. You should buy ones of the right sizes for your ears. This may also be a solution for those who feel a bit of pain when wearing them, which means that you should buy one of a smaller size.

If for instance you can’t find ones that would fit your ears you can buy the type that are not the in ear model. Go for the buds that have ear loops on them. These can be hooked onto your ears to keep the buds from falling off.

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