How Do Octane Boosters Work?

Octane boosters are devices that increase the amount of octane gas in a vehicle at certain points. Before delving on how does octane booster works, it would be worthwhile to define what octane is.

Octane is a simple measurement of how slowly gasoline burns. The burning of the flame is slower when the octane number is higher. Octane boosters provide car owners the benefit of increasing the level of gasoline octane.

One advantage of octane booster is that it improves the horsepower of an automobile. They increase a car’s compression ratio, which is the amount of strokes made by the cylinder of the vehicle prior to fuel ignition. The higher the compression ratio needed by the engine, the higher is the octane level it requires.

However, excessive compression can lead to pre-ignition or detonation. Pre-ignition can cause the engine of the automobile to be damaged unless there is ignition suppression. This is where octane boosters do its work.

Octane boosters allow the engine to achieve full compression without the danger of pre-ignition. It makes the vehicle appear as it having more power in its gas. Octane boosters do not add power but just regulates pre-ignition.

Here now are the basics of how does octane boosters work.

Directly Pour Into Fuel Tank

Usually sold in plastic bottles or cans, octane boosters are directly poured into the fuel tank of your automobile. While they can be added to your fuel tank, it is recommended to add octane boosters when your empty tank is near empty and added with a full tank of gas.

Significantly Improves Gasoline Octane Rating

Learning how does octane boosters work makes you realize that they can enhance your gasoline octane between two to eight points. The higher is their octane effect, the greater is their impact on engine combustion and performance of your car.

Standard octane boosters usually consist of any of the following ingredients: ethanol, methylpropanol, and glycerol that enhance octane rating of your engine.

Increase Temperature of Engine Combustion

Understanding how does octane boosters work will also lead to the discovery that they can significantly increase engine combustion or the burning of fuel and air within the engine.

As octane boosters make their way to the cylinder of a vehicle, the spark coming from the spark plugs ignites the mixture of air and fuel inside the engine. Because of the increased octane rating of the fuel, the engine combustion becomes higher giving the engine more power and fuel burning efficiency.

Lowers Engine Emissions

A result of enhanced engine combustion is lower engine emission. Octane boosters increase the amount of octane in the fuel leading to higher engine combustion and temperature. Due to this increase, the fuel entering the engine has a higher burning capacity. Instead of releasing the entire fuel, it is the unburned gasoline that is being emitted in the exhaust system of the vehicle.

Some of the most popular octane boosters consist of ferosene and aromatics. They generate varying levels of outcomes as determined by the exact formulas used.

Learning how does octane boosters work leads to the realization of its practical benefits. For some vehicle owners, octane boosters should be used moderately. There is a tendency for octane boosters to leave deposits in the automobile, making it prone to engine damage.

Learning how does octane boosters work will help you maximize the benefits that they can give to your engine.

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