How to Transfer Files from One Computer to Another

One of the most essential skills that computer users must know is how to transfer files from one computer to another. There are several ways to do this.

Copying Files from Laptop to Desktop

Required Materials

Desktop PC

Laptop computer

Ethernet or wireless cable

USB jump drive

Step 1

Link the laptop to the desktop. You can do this using a wireless cable or Ethernet cable.

Step 2

Create a folder in the desktop PC. To make a folder in Windows, right click the desktop and choose “Sharing and security”. Press the “Share” tab. Place a check next to the “Share this folder on the network.”

Step 3

Place the USB jump drive at the USB port. The OS should be able to identify the device.

Step 4

A window will appear. To transfer files from one computer to another, use the window that popped up or Windows Explorer. Click and drag the files to the jump drive. Place it on your desktop to access the files.

Tip: you can also use other storage devices to transfer files. These include CDs, DVDs and external hard disks.

How to Move Files from a PC to a Mac

The easiest way is to utilize a USB storage drive. The first step is to connect the USB drive to the PC. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer. Copy the files to the USB drive. After you are done copying, remove the USB drive.

Hook the drive up to the Mac. Copy the files on the drive to the Mac. According to Apple, the copying process will be quicker if a FireWire drive is used. But this is only possible if your PC has a FireWire port.

There are also programs designed to transfer the files from PC to Mac. The process varies per application. These programs have various features, but most require you to install them in both PC and Mac.

Usually though, you just have to choose the files you want to move. Use the program’s USB cable to connect the PC and Mac. This will commence the file transfer.

If you only need to move a few files, just email yourself from the PC. Now, open the Mac and download the email. Various email programs may be used. The process will vary though.

Learning how to transfer files from one computer to another is not that difficult. As long as these simple instructions are followed, there should be no problems.

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