How to Use a Broiler

You will most likely get a broiler with a new range or oven. It is interesting that many homemakers don’t get the chance to use these broilers simply because they don’t know how to use them. We’ll walk you through the steps on how to use a broiler and have more options to prepare and cook your food.

Needed Materials

In order to use your broiler all you need are the food you will cook, a broiler pan, and an oil spray. From here on all you need to understand is the broiling process.

How to Use a Broiler

Learning how to use a broiler requires understanding the broiling process. This method of cooking requires high heat to penetrate your food from above. Because of this a broiler is sometimes referred to as an upside down grill. The heat source for your food is located on the top of the food whereas a grill will have its heat source located underneath. A range will usually have its lower section reserved for storing items usually used with an oven including a broiler pan.

Remove both the solid pan and the ridged pan from your range’s drawer. You will usually place your food on the ridged tray. The solid pan will usually go underneath the ridged pan to catch all the juices and fat that comes from the food you are broiling. Before you start broiling, you should spray a coat of oil on the ridged pan to avoid sticking. A good tip would be to pour a cup of water in the solid pan at the bottom to avoid causing any smoke to rise.

Broiling Secrets

Broiling grains will give it a nice brownish exterior and will only take a few minutes to cook. When cooking thick slices of meat you should prepare to cook them longer. A good reminder is that the thicker your meat slices are the slower you should cook them.

You should place the thicker cuts further away from the heat source. Check your thick slices regularly and flip the meat to cook the other side. The thinner slices of meat will cook a lot faster, which means you would have to keep an eye on them to avoid burning.

A good tip on how to use a broiler is to leave the door open just a crack. This will ensure that you get the most broiling effect in your cooking and not just baking or roasting your food. Meat will usually just take around just four minutes to cook.

If ever you find that your food is turning brown too fast move the rack to a lower level. These are the basics on how to use a broiler. It’s a method that cooks fast with its own unique effect on the food you are preparing.

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