How to Use a Cane

People who have limited stability and mobility may get significant help from a cane. A cane is mostly used to assist in balance. It has a wide base intended to provide support making it possible for the elderly or those who are nursing a foot or leg injury to move around, especially on level surfaces.

However, to be able to get the most out of this important support tool, you need to know how to use a cane properly. You need to know how to walk with a cane so as to be safe than to be sorry.

* The first thing to do to be able to enjoy the maximum benefits of a cane is to ensure that you are purchasing a good unit. Before paying for it, examine the unit and try using it. Make sure that it has sturdy handle and foot grips. They should be fastened securely to the body of the cane.

* Next, adjust the cane according to your built. Make sure that its height allows you to comfortably walk with it. Using a cane that is not appropriate to your height may cause strain to different parts of your body or worse, injury.

* Remember to bear the weight on the right side. If you are using a cane because of an injury or surgery, bear your weight to that same side of the cane where your injury is. If you are using it for general mobility as in the case of the elderly, bear your weight to that side where your dominant hand is.

* After achieving the correct posture and handling, it is time to make a few test walks. Walk slowly with the cane and slowly get the feel of it. Make sure that you are comfortable and you are not straining or stretching to catch up to it. Do not place the cane too far ahead of you. Ideally, the distance should be just as far as a step forward or about six inches.

* After practicing walking on a flat surface, it is time to go up one level. Try walking with your cane on the stairs. You must be with a company while doing this until you are able to manage your stability.

* Next up, learn to manage your way through the common obstacles like rugs, floor lamps, or just about anything that may obstruct your movement. This will require a lot of practice so be patient. You can only be confident that you can walk along with your cane if you are able to manage and control it safely.

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