How to Use a Manual Camera

Thanks to the camera, people can easily capture almost all the memorable events in their lives. With just one click, it is possible to get a particular moment last for ages. Although there are already highly advanced models, there is nothing more special than what a manual camera can bring. Even without the usual technologies available in the digital versions, it can still bring high quality pictures with just a few clicks of a button. Here is a quick look at the different steps on how to use a manual camera.

Materials Needed

You can easily enhance how your manual camera looks by providing it with a personalized touch. Many items are available today, all of which can help improve the way your camera looks. These include brand new camera lenses, flashes and bags. Aside from these items, you can also add a light meter, lens cleaner as well as a lens cap. In addition, you can also bring with you extra films, a camera tripod and camera straps. Once you have these things, you will definitely enjoy taking pictures using your manual camera.


Press down the latch situated somewhere at the right side of your camera. This will open the back part of the device. Choose a good film and then gently load it inside. Be sure to close it well. After that, wind the film and wait for the number ‘1’ appear on the film counter. There is a dial at the left top part of the camera. Use it to set the speed of the film. In order to determine the right settings, use a light meter to adjust the lens. Likewise, be sure to put the right shutter speed.

Gently slip the flash on top. Secure it in place by turning the mount located somewhere at the lower part of the flash. Turn the flash on and then set the speed of the shutter to 1/60th per second. Select the right kind of lens and then attach it firmly to the body of the camera. In some camera models, a lens release can be found somewhere near the very lens itself.

Peek through the viewfinder window. Try to focus the camera. You can do this by turning the focusing ring. If all the settings are set and you wish to take a picture, gently push the shutter release that is found somewhere at the right top portion of the camera. After taking a photo, you need to wind the film in order to set up the next frame. Once you have exhausted all the shots available in a single roll of film, you need to rewind it. After that, open the back part of the camera and then remove the film.

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