How to Use a Rotisserie

A rotisserie is either a broiler or an oven that has a rotating spit where meat turns as it cooks. It has often been described as a grill. The only difference people make out of it is that it is generally smaller and is in fact more compact. Though it isn’t really a grill it still does create the same great aroma and taste to your food. We’ll go over the steps on how to use a rotisserie.

Needed Items

You’ll need oven mitts and a cooking spear in order to learn how to use a rotisserie. You’ll need whole chicken, whole ham, or roast. You will also require a rotisserie spit stick to position the meat well in the center.

Steps on How to Use a Rotisserie

The first step on how to use a rotisserie is to puncture the meat you will cook using the spit stick. Whatever piece of meat you intend to cook, you should position it at the center of the spit stick so that it will be placed at the very center of the oven when you begin to cook it.

You will immediately observe how well it works for larger pieces of meat. However, before you go on purchase really large meat like whole turkey, you should always check it against the actual size of your rotisserie. It is more likely that a whole turkey won’t fit into a rotisserie oven.

Tip: When cooking any meat remember to keep the drip pan in place underneath. It catches any juices that may fall as you are cooking. The idea here is to avoid any excessive smoke produced due to evaporating juices.

Monitoring the Food You Cook

It is important to monitor the food you are cooking. This is an important lesson when learning how to use a rotisserie. Take note that food will cook a lot more evenly and a lot faster in rotisseries. This is due to the fact that the food spins around on the rotating spit thus producing an even bake for any food you put in.

On average, you should check on your food after 45 minutes of cooking. If the food isn’t done by that time, keep it turning however you should check it again in every 20 minutes after. A good clue is to check if the skin of the meat has turned golden brown.

To further check if food is already done puncture the meat. Remember to observe the color of the juices that will come out. You can observe if the meat is still bloody inside or not. Learning how to use a rotisserie will require a bit of care not to over cook your food.

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