Ways to Cook Flank Steak

Cooking flank steak for your guests or family need not be a complicated task. Here are easy ways to prepare this meat as well as some buying tips.


Before you broil or grill, the steak has to be marinated. Put the steak in an airtight container. Toss in half a cup of marinade for every 2 lbs of steak. Turn the meat around so it absorbs the juices.

The marinade can be discarded or it can be used to baste the steak as you cook. The marinade can consist of vinegar, salt, pepper and other herbs and spices. When cooking flank steak and marinating, think of the flavor you want it to have. That’s what you should put in your marinade.


Put the steak in a broiling pan. Place it 3 inches from the heat. Do not shut the oven door. For medium rare, broil for 7 minutes. For medium, broil for 9 minutes per side. Never overcook because the meat will turn hard.


Make sure the steak is marinated. Set the steak over the heat source. Set the grill to medium heat. Do not cover it. Cook for 21 minutes. Turn it over once. This is served hot.

Baking and Stuffing

Prepare the stuffing. Put the steak beside it. When cooking flank steak this way, you need to spread the stuffing on the meat. Roll the meat up. Fasten it with a cotton string every couple of inches. Set the pan to 350 degrees. Put the steak in the baking pan and cook for 40 minutes. Let it rest for a couple of minutes prior to carving it up.


Braising means cooking with moist heat. It is usually done with an oven. Start by marinating the meat. Let it sear in a pan on a stovetop. Keep it there until the steak softens. The searing is done when the meat appears caramelized. Prepare a cooking liquid and put the steak there. Cook this as long as the recipe requires.

When cooking flank steak this way, you’ll be using different stuffing. For beef rolls, the flank steak will be cut thin and filled with stuffing.

The stuffing will vary per recipe. You can put in sausages, hotdogs or cheese. Others like to put in broccoli and other green vegetables. You’ll be braising it in a liquid sauce. When the meat tenderizes, the flavors increase.


Buy only flank steak that has a red color. The inner part of the meat should be red but of a darker hue. The meat should be cold. Never buy packages that are torn or with holes.

Steak can be kept in the fridge for three days. If you want to freeze it, use an aluminum foil.

You can try ginger and soy sauce in your marinade to give it an Asian flavor. If you want it spicy, add chili pepper, red pepper and cumin.

Cooking flank steak is not as hard as some people assume. It only happens if incorrect methods are used. If the proper techniques are employed, your flank steak will come out perfect.

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