How to Ride a Bike

Learning how to ride a bike in a way is a rite of passage for many kids as they were growing up. Some learned with friends while others learned it with the help of their parents. There are even those who learned merely by pure instinct. It is an interesting skill that you can learn. And it is one thing that you will never forget or unlearn. We’ve gathered a few important pointers you should keep in mind in case you want to learn this skill.

Choosing a Bike

The first step to learn how to ride a bike is to choose a bike that’s right for you. The important detail you shouldn’t miss when choosing one is the size of the bike. It is important to get a bike that allows you to keep your feet on the floor while you’re on it. It helps reduce falls since you can easily set your feet on the floor if ever you lose your balance.

Biking Grounds

Learning to ride a bike will require a lot of space that is traffic free. A vacant paved area will work very well. Biking grounds should also be free of any possible obstacles like parked cars, bumps, and people passing by. Biking grounds that have an area where there is a slight incline will be helpful. Wherever you go biking remember to wear protective gear like shoes, pants, helmet, and gloves.


Balance is the key factor when you learn how to ride a bike. Once you get your balance you will most likely never forget how to balance yourself on two wheels. You can start by pushing yourself forward and reserve working on the pedals for later. Roll forward a few inches and then go for a longer distance.

It will help to learn how to bike if your biking area has a place where there’s a slight incline. Roll your bike down the incline once you get the hang of balancing. As soon as you get your balance in the works try to pedal your way a little at a time. If your bike is equipped with training wheels they’ll help you learn how to balance and work the pedals as well.

Pedaling Tips

An important part of learning how to ride a bike is learning how to pedal. A good way to start learning this is to sit on your bike while you have one foot on the floor or ground. One foot should be on the pedal that is positioned a bit forward on the top arc. Push off with your foot that is on the floor and pedal with your other foot. Get your balance first with one push on the pedal. Work on it until you lose the wobbling and become comfortable working your balance with the handlebars.

Once you’re comfortable with one foot pedaling try getting your other foot on the other pedal. Work on both feet as you did pedaling with one foot. Training wheels will also be a big help learning how to pedal. If ever you lose balance put your feet on the ground and hitting the breaks.

From here you can practice on wide turns then sharp turns. Once you’re comfortable with all of this you can start taking out the training wheels. These tips on how to ride a bike will only help in actual practice. You should get on your bike on a regular basis until you learn how to ride a bike.

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