How to Run a Marathon

For professional athletes, the concept of running a marathon is a daily thought. For the normal individual, the task might appear to be impossible to undertake. There are in fact, ways in which the average individual can run a marathon. Here are some helpful tips and strategies for going about this.

Eat Right

Energy drinks and supplements alone will not help you to run a marathon. Marathon runners should ensure they have a well balanced meal before doing any running. Also, check with your doctor to ensure that this type of physical activity will do you no harm. Avoid carbonated drinks, as these sometimes have adverse effects when they are taken before intense physical activity. Water or Gatorade should be fine.


Simple, but this practice does not entail running the entire marathon in one day. For beginners, start with running a 1/2 mile per day. You can add another 1/2 mile every two weeks until you have mastered your required distance. Time yourself when running as well. To run a marathon, athletes must have some consistent speed and timing.

At The Event

Start slowly and ensure you get your breathing in check before the intense part of the marathon starts. Do not pick up pace before you reach an average of 300 meters from the finish line. Run in rhythms; this gets the body adjusted to the movement and increases steady speed.

Do not attack hills and rises too fast or with too much vigor. This takes a lot of energy which you will need to conserve for the rest of the journey.

After a few miles, stretch arms and legs in different positions then get back into form. (Do not slow down or stop running)

Professionals advise that one must use other athletes as motivating factors. Try to follow one or keep up with one with the eventual goal of passing them.

Enjoy what you are doing

When one decides to run a marathon, the urge to drop out will be great. You have to persevere! Think of the reward at the finish line.

There is however, caution in this. If, during the run, you feel a compelling feeling to stop; listen to your body. Do not over exert yourself as this could lead to great long term problems.

The last few miles will probably hurt, but if you’re properly prepared the rest of the race should really be fun. Try to maintain a steady pace that seems on the slow side for at least the first half of the race, but feel free to pick it up during the second half if you’re feeling good. Most courses have entertainment along the way and plenty of spectators to cheer you along. Take it all in- you’ve trained for this for months, this is your day (

At the end of the day, the greatest tip on how to run a marathon is to never forget the glory at the finish line and how accomplished you will feel afterward.

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